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Traditions --  November's theme here at Focusing on Life.  I chose this topic about a year ago and suddenly it's here. Does that happen to you? Life seems to be in warp speed so often. Focusing on Life is exactly what we want our mission to be. A concerted effort to focus on the life that is going on and embrace the day to day beauty.

I have been pondering how to share this with everyone and I realized that honestly this is a pretty broad theme (much like my hinnie) that probably can be shared in numerous ways.

However, in just trying to decide on the images to present I found myself stuck.  So what I think perhaps will happen to many of you as you so wonderfully share your offerings with us in our flicker pool... you will need to open your hearts and share with us ABOUT your tradition. Give us a deeper insight to how and why your tradition is important to you.

For example:  My kids and their cousins didn't live near one another. Separate states kept them from knowing their silly personalities like I wish they could have... however, when they did get together we always tried to have the TRADITIONAL photo... the pyramid, that typically ended up with someone in tears, but the first couple of shots were always fun.

Aside from the fact it is Autumn where many of us live, our traditions don't have to be only about the month of November.

Share with us some Christmas, Easter, New Years, April fools day, Independence Day and Thanks Giving  traditions. Or how about how you celebrate different occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or even deaths.(loved ones even pets!)  Traditionally we placed a train under the Christmas tree and always took Jammie  shots the evening we light the tree.

In our sharing our Traditions many of us may pick up a couple of wonderful ideas that we can start with our families and friends. But most importantly, by sharing your traditions perhaps it will get you thinking of traditions that have fallen to the wayside and you might need to dust off and re-implement?

I need to apologize for the quality of some of the photos above... they are my "oldie" but goodies from long long ago... and while part of me wants to photoshop them to fabulous... I like the older look and they feel more real to me.

What about your family traditions of breakfast? Bedtime? First day of school?

Father and daughter wedding dance?

I am looking forward to this month of fun images and stories!



AFishGirl said...

Tooth brushing is not a tradition, right? It's a habit. I'm very fond of this blog and all brings to my day, the whole thing, all of you. Traditions. It's a tough one for me. I'll try. Most of my traditions are about fishing. That's okay. I know anything goes here and that's what makes it safe and welcoming. Wishing you all a good week.
Fishgirl (there's a REASON that's my name, right?)

Jeanne said...

That is sort of a tough one, but one I will definitely think about... One thing that I have found as my kids have grown and married is that sometimes your traditions change and need to become more "modernized". You need to love the old, but also, be open to the new. Just found out you had a flickr group. What fun! Just posted one of my teatime traditions on it!

Danielle said...

Traditions...hmmm...growing up we really didn't have any...which is why I focused so much on creating them and honoring them when we had our daughter. They are so important...they give us a sense of roots and being connected to something so much larger than ourselves.

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

And you never know you brilliant wonderful fun woman, how your traditions just may inspire another to go purchase a fishing pole and join in your fabulous tradition.

Kim Stevens said...

Pam, last week I came upon a Vietnamese fisherman, fishing without a pole, no doubt a kindof tradition passed down to was fascinating to watch him!!

Kim Stevens said...

This will be fun Claudia, and I think we will learn much from each other...even pick up a few fun traditions along the way!!

Dotti said...

Traditions do indeed change as our lives change. This has been on my mind as I ponder my post for Wednesday so I'll share more then. I think we all have traditions ... we're just not always aware of it. Again ... more on Wednesday. (How's that for a commercial pitch?)

But back to Claudia's lovely, lovely post! I love all the oldies, Claudia. Is your Dad singing in your ear? Were you sobbing as you were turned away from the camera? And oh, how I love those pyramids.

Good stuff.


terriporter said...

This is going to be such a fun theme! Our family traditions are a part of us and while some have been passed down from generation to generation, some have started with our families. I love your old photos in all their imperfect timelessness. Can't wait to see what everyone's traditions are and possibly pick up a few new ones!

Deanna said...

Oh traditions, our family has changed so much over the past few years that so many of our traditions have changed. I still look back in fondness of the traditional picture of the kids coming down the stairs on Christmas morning, hair in a mess, sleepy-eyed but excited. This month will bring back memories, good memories for me. Thank you Claudia, for sharing your "oldies" with us, they are adorable.

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