Monday, March 26, 2012

In Focus

When I began my digital photography adventure in 2004, little did I know where it would lead me. After starting out with a "performance" digital camera, I soon upgraded to another with "more performance" capabilities, but alas, a shutter that was too slow. So in 2010, I decided it was time to move up to a dSLR.

Soon after I got my new camera, I realized there was a lot to learn in order to produce something more than snapshots so I began surfing the internet. One of the first places I landed was at Shutter Sisters. After a few months of lurking on that site and others, I decided I'd like to link one of my photos.

Linking My First Photo

Oh, my! What an adventure that was! I located, set up an account, and attempted to load an image. To say this was intimidating is to understate how totally overwhelmed I felt. However, being a stubborn sort, I stuck with it and finally succeeded in loading, saving and putting a title on my photo. Next problem - how to link my photo to the site. You'd think it would get easier form here on, wouldn't you? Well, you would be wrong! Finally after much trial and error and a few (mild) curse words, I got the darn thing linked. Then ... nothing. Yeah, my photo was so bad, nobody noticed it and if they did, they didn't comment.

Photography Classes

But I stuck with it, found some photography classes at various websites and even became friends with Flickr. Then things began to happen. As my knowledge expanded, my photography improved and I began to be noticed. Actually, validated would be more like it. And here I am today, one of the bloggers on Focusing on Life.

Your Turn

We're going to give you the opportunity to experience the same artistic growth and the same wonderful photography community that I, and my sister photographers, have found on the internet.

First on the agenda is Claudia's linky party which takes place this Wednesday, March 28. I can't tell you how pleased the FOL team will be if you'll join us for Claudia's party. More importantly, it could be the beginning of your very own adventure in digital photography.

But, wait! There's MORE!! (Does that ever sound like one of those over-the-top TV commercials?) There IS more -- On Monday, April 2 we'll introduce our new feature, "In Focus". In addition to our daily posts, we'll be suggesting a month-long theme to inspire you. This is not limited to photography. If photography's not your main squeeze, take a digital photo (cell phone will do) of your art and post that. There will be a linky tool each week and on Saturdays, we'll focus on a "Photo of the Week"; at the end of each month the focus will be on the "Photo of the Month."

Watch for more information coming to an inbox near you and then join us in the fun!


Cathy H. said...

Fantastic idea!! I love linky parties! I enjoy the opportunity of visiting many new blogs and drooling over their photography!! I'm looking forward to this!!

susan said...

nice composition in your photo dotti! looking forward to 'in focus' too! :)

terriporter said...

I have followed a similar path as you have from that first digital camera to today and have had many of the same experiences along the way. I love that you are encouraging readers to post their images, even if they have never done it before. Where would you and I (and so many others) be if we had never posted that first image? So excited about the linky party and about "In Focus"!

Barbara said...
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heyjudephotography said...

Dotti, (and all the other fine FOL women),
You are doing a terrific job with this blog. Every time I check in there is something beautiful to look at. I'm not totally sure what a Linky Party is but you can bet that I'll be here to check it out!! The In Focus segment sounds like a winner! Again, wonderful job to all of you! Judy

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

OOOH I am sooo loving her eyelashes!! GREAT shot.

Im looking forward to see how we can rock our Party on Wednesday Dotti Thanks for the mention.



Anonymous said...

Look at those lovely lashes! Looking forward to in focus!

Carol's View said...

Thanks so much Judy. Everyone needs a positive boost sometimes!

Nancy said...

Being a newbie; I am really looking forward to all your fun events.....I love this site you gals have put together because it really encourages all new photographers.....

Karen Harvey Cox said...


I found out about the Shutter Sisters only recently from my friend. I went out and bought their book, because it gives so many wonderful tips on photography. I didn't realize that you could just link up photos on there. What a treat you just gave me.

I love the idea of In Focus. Now I am going to have to make a list of things to remember...I have been a bit overwhelmed lately and this is just the right amount of fun that will de-stress me.

Your photograph is gorgeous as always.


P.S. I am also joining the pink eDition for TT tomorrow, I put a Save The Date at the bottom of the post for the Linky Party.

Carol said...
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terriporter said...

Thanks, Judy! We are so glad you are a regular visitor. So good to know others are enjoying it here as much as we are!

terriporter said...

Thanks, Judy! We are so glad you are a regular visitor. So good to know others are enjoying it here as much as we are!

Linda said...

Such a sweet picture! But how can you go wrong with such a sweet subject! In Focus will be great! I can't wait to get started!


AFishGirl said...

Exciting news!

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