Leading Lines


When we take a photograph we hope that we can draw our viewers in.  A very effective compositional tool that does just that is the use of leading lines. Our eyes are naturally drawn along lines.  Leading lines draw our eyes to a specific subject, or to a vanishing point in the photo.  They usually start towards the bottom of the frame and move us up and into the frame.  Leading lines can be found anywhere - rivers and roads, pathways and streams, tunnels and fences, and many, many more places. Take a look around and join us for this month's theme of leading lines, won't you?  

Here at FOL, our Focus on You is a way to encourage you to pursue and improve your art. Under this tab, we will continue our monthly inspirational themes. You are encouraged to post and tag your Focus photos to our Flickr group at as well as to continue using our Flickr pages to post any and all photos which you wish to share with our FOL family.

What will we do with all these photos? Glad you asked. Each Friday we will post a photo(s) to the blog which will Focus on You. The featured photos will be chosen from all the photos on our Flickr pages and we may choose several at one time. We've had some stunning work posted on our pages and we want to highlight these photos. Be sure to visit on Fridays to see if your photo has been selected!

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