What is February known for besides valentines and love? Why, shadows of course! Punxsutawney Phil predicts early spring when he has no shadow - but he could also predict no interesting photographs without the contrast of light and dark. Few of us take our best images at high noon! Ron Bigelow says, on his photography website, "If you think of shadows as simply a lack of light, you are making a major mistake." 
I couldn't agree more. It’s the shadows that design the shape of the light. They can frame it, react with it, paint dramatic effect on it. They can be the subject or the filter. 

So this month, let's make the most of the shadows around us. Fill our Flickr page and Instagram tag with photos from the dark side. As Leo Tolstoy said, "All the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow."  

Here at FOL, our Focus on You is a way to encourage you to pursue and improve your art. Under this tab, we will continue our monthly inspirational themes. You are encouraged to post and tag your Focus photos to our Flickr group at as well as to continue using our Flickr pages to post any and all photos which you wish to share with our FOL family.

What will we do with all these photos? Glad you asked. Each Friday we will post a photo(s) to the blog which will Focus on You. The featured photos will be chosen from all the photos on our Flickr pages and we may choose several at one time. We've had some stunning work posted on our pages and we want to highlight these photos. Be sure to visit on Fridays to see if your photo has been selected!

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