Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Today's Forecast...Bokeh-licious!

                                       {100mm macro lens, f/6.3, iso 500, 1/800}

With spring flowers and abundant sunshine making it's presence known in sunny Texas, bokeh is in the air!  To capture the beauty of sunlight bouncing off nature's canvas, and see it redirected into scrumptious little circles of color, is magical.

Try to get out and shoot in the morning or evening when the sun is at an angle, into the direction of the sunlight.  This will give you a great opportunity to capture some fantastic bokeh. {remember to never look at the sun through your lens}.  Whether it's dew, rain drops or a field of wildflowers, there is something with whimsy out there to help you create a bokeh-licious photo. Just have fun and experiment with what you have.  If it happens to be snowy in your part of the world, the sparkle of snow makes for beautiful bokeh!

When you're done processing your images, upload some into our flickr pool! And share your bokeh-licious day with us.  ~ xo's


Jocelyne said...

This is a beautiful photo ! I can't wait to have my new camera and try the bokeh !

terriporter said...

I confess to be a little bit obsessed with bokeh! Ever since I got a lens that I could really open up wide, I have loved achieving that amazing phenomenon. And you have illustrated it so well in your photo! Just LOVE it!

AFishGirl said...

No spring sun here yet but bokeh is sure a lot of fun, beautiful photo you put with the post.

Karen Harvey Cox said...

Hi Susan,
I love that word Bokeh-licious. Your photograph is so beautiful. I haven't tried too many yet, but you certainly have inspired me now.


Linda said...

Oh, Susan! As soon as I read your title I knew I was going to love this post! And your picture is so pretty! I love bokeh! I am always so happy when I get some in my pictures, whether I plan for it or not and I usually plan for it!

I added 2 shots to the gallery and now I want to take some more!


Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Like Karen, I love your word!

Opening my lens to the largest opening not only gives me really shallow depth of field, but the "finding " of the magical bokeh is what brings me surprise and joy when visiting my photos as I upload them to my computer....JOY. Simple joy!


Carol's View said...

Love the effect on your picture

Focusing On Life said...
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stephmull said...

Gorgeous pink on those flowers!! I, too, love bokeh....it just makes me so happy! Great post!

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