Friday, April 6, 2012

My Favorite Thing (To Do)

If you have been checking in on Focusing on Life this week you may have noticed that we have a new addition.....a monthly theme.  I was the lucky one that drew the first choice, so I thought, "let's make this first theme really wide-open."  Our running theme for the month of April is "My Favorite Things".  You will see this theme repeated by all of us at one time or another this month.  Linda's post yesterday was all about her favorite APPS for phonography.  Since I just purchased my I-Phone this will be a handy reference point for me.

I have a lot of "favorites," favorite books, favorite colors, favorite foods, favorite movies, etc. etc. But honestly, I don't think I could even choose a favorite book, food, color or movie, but I do know right now I can honestly say traveling is my favorite pastime.  For the past several years, traveling has been out of the question due to my husband's illness.  As his illness progressed, traveling was more agitating than enjoyable for both him as well as for me.  The last really great trip we took was to Alaska about 7 years ago.  However, now that my sweetheart is being well taken care of, I have resumed my favorite pastime, traveling.

I love to travel, to the next county, the next state, or the next continent, it doesn't matter to me.  In the last 6 months I have traveled to Colorado, New Mexico, California, Arizona and next week I am off to Texas. I love to view a different landscape, a bigger skyscape, meet people who talk differently than me, who are different than me.  I like being a tourist, prowling around new places, tasting new foods, hearing new sounds.  If I could, I think I would travel someplace new every month, gone a week, home 3 then start anew.  I am one of the lucky ones enrolled in Tracey Clark's Camp Oasis in Palm Springs, CA, so off I go to another new spot in October.

Let us know what some of your favorite things are by taking a picture and posting it in our flickr group here and be sure and tag it with "favorite things."  Please refer to Terri's post on Sunday for more info on this new feature and since I am the chooser of the theme this month, I also have the honor of choosing a favorite photo from you to be highlighted on our blog.  So get busy and show us some of your favorite things.  We would love to see them.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Pagosa Springs, CO

Laguna Beach, CA

Tucson, AZ

"For all of us, the key is to pay close attention to which activities make us feel most alive and in love with life - and then try to spend as much time as possible engaged in those activities."  ~  Nathaniel Branden, Ph.D.


Dotti said...

Wonderful post, Deanna, and wonderful way to expand on our Theme of the Month. I love all your travel photos, they always awaken the latent traveler in me and I look forward to all the "favorite" photos that will be posted on our Flickr page.


terriporter said...

Traveling is one of my favorite things too. In fact, that's what I'm doing right now! I'm in Dallas with my husband visiting our son. Today I have the pleasure of meeting Stephanie and Leigh for the first time and they will be traveling too, although not quite as far. We plan to visit the Dallas Arboretum where their annual "Dallas Blooms" is going on. We are all excited for the opportunity to visit new places, shoot new sights and meet in person friends we have known only online prior to today. I think traveling and the excitement and new experiences help keep us young. It is definitely one of my favorite things!

Barbara said...

Love that quote Deanna. I also love to travel,flowers #1 passion, being home is also a passion for me, my grandkids of course. I was just talking to my daughter about this, this week, she was talking about her daughter and my GC as having a lot of passions and she never felt she had one. I told her we go through life and hopefully we haven't had just one passion but many if we are lucky. To me these are your favorite things in your life that really make life enjoyable.

Happy Easter

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Great quote and wonderful shots hon-- YOU are one of my favorites!


Linda said...

I would love to travel more! We used to travel to New Mexico or Colorado every year and I miss that. Oh, Texas is next for you! Coming anywhere close to Austin?


stephmull said...

I am looking forward to being able to travel more, but with small children my trips are limited to school, the grocery story, and church! Can I live vicariously through your wonderful photos?? And where are you visiting in Texas? I hope you get to the hill is beautiful there!
Blessings to you this Easter, my friend!

Carol said...

That's so cool that you guys are meeting up! Have a great time!

Carol said...

I enjoyed this post too. As far as I'm concerned, you can drive down the street to a guest house and get a new perspective. It's just putting your head in a different place for a few days - it's so refreshing. And then to be somewhere where there is another culture to see and learn about is even better. I love to drive. Most of my more recent trips are just up to New England or down to Washington, where went to school - but it still provides a great break. My annual photo workshop is approaching - April 27 and I can't wait!
I'll find some vaca photos to share in favs.
Happy Easter and weekend everyone!

Kim Stevens said...

Wow Deanna, these are spectacular! The colors in that beach shot . . . sigh!

Jeanine and Emily said...

Deanna...I'm so excited to meet you and the other FOLers in October. Until then...happy trails!

susan said...

beautiful photos! excited to hear that you will be at camp in october!!! yay!

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