Monday, April 30, 2012

My Private Concert

Last night I heard a moving story on National Public Radio (NPR) about a man who lived in an oppressed society.  When the rebels over-threw  his government, they outlawed all types of music. This man was bereft at the thought of existing in a world without music, and he didn't think he could survive it.

His solution was brilliant! He immediately went to the market and bought birds, and released them inside his house. In the midst of turmoil, he was willing to spend what precious money he had, and to hide them, and to clean up after them, rather than to live without their song.

I met the little guy above in a nature preserve. I had walked the trails all morning and decided to sit and rest for a minute in one of the preserve's stations. No sooner had I settled in than this bird perched about three feet away and began to sing his heart out.  You can almost hear him, can't you?

Without buying a single ticket, I had been given a private serenade. The music of the birds is free to everyman and it makes the world a better place. I would love to see your depiction of the beauty and the music that birds bring the world. And today, and always, as Victor Hugo said:

"Be as a bird perched on a frail branch that she feels bending beneath her Still she sings away always, knowing that she has wings."

Today, register the beauty and grow your wings!


Dotti said...

Such a beautiful and inspirational post, Carol! We do indeed take music of any kind for granted, don't we? And there are so many life lessons to learn from birds. Now that I'm home during the day, I've been able to watch the bird families this spring and now their fledglings. I love your little pals ... beautiful pictures!



Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the beauty of our world!

Barbara said...

I love this post Carol, you make the world a better place today.

Cathy H. said...

A very lovely post this morning, Carol! You images are both beautiful, but I love the first one as he sings a sweet song.

Elisa Schulz said...

Lovely pictures! Your post makes me want to go right out looking for birds to photograph. Maybe when it stops raining...

terriporter said...

My mother has always been interested in birds and has passed that love on to me. I love waking to the sound of their serenade each morning and I can tell which bird is doing the serenading just by listening. Yes, so are so right, a morning concert free for everyone to enjoy. Love your photos too!

janel said...

Wonderful post this morning...just wonderful!

Linda said...

What a sad place it would be without music! I couldn't imagine.
There's something about hearing a bird sing. It's almost as good as hearing a child sing, they are so uninhibited and sweet!
Thanks for reminding me to stop and listen to the music!


Claudia@DipityRoad said...

My heart ached when I read about the man living without music. I am constantly humming and I spose drive a lot of people crazy. A life without music? I have no idea how I could live. I love your bird shot -- perfectly captured.

Im going to dig in my files -- I think I might have a bird or two. :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post Carol! There is something so relaxing about sitting back and just watching and listening to the birds. I truly feel at peace when I take the time to enjoy the symphony around me.

stephmull said...

You've captured the birds beautifully, Carol! I can hear them singing through my computer! We've had lots of birds singing this spring and I do enjoy stopping to listen and taking a deep breath before going back to my tasks. Thanks for reminding us of the beauty of music and the beauty around us.

Carol said...

Thank you all so much! We are having very little free time at the photography class I'm attending, but I was able to take a quick look this morning and your comments made my day! The birds are singing right now and I see the group gathering down the street, so no time for personal responses today - but I am so glad you are all listening to the beauty. Never take it for granted!
Peace girlies!

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