Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Photographing Love

I love this months theme. My Favorite Things!

I have numerous Favorite things.

  • New born babies
  • Women
  • Families 
  • Four legged loves
  • God's creatures
  • Flowers
  • Doors and Gates
  • Collections
  • Gardens
  • And the list grows daily
Not many things are sweeter than capturing that sweet smile of a family pet. Oh yes, they smile, it shows in the twinkle of their eyes. Unconditional love.

I received an  email a couple of weeks ago from a new friend who felt like she just wasn't good enough to post to our Flickr page. She loves looking at all the wonderful photos being posted but just didn't think she had the courage to put, what she called, her beginning work in with the collection.

Focusing on life is not about being perfect. It's not even about meeting a certain standard. It's about sharing and joining a community that loves to share a passion.  I am amazed at the friendships that I have gained through my photography passion. However, I have even more friends who simply came together week after week sharing different ideas about what they love.

No matter if your favorite things is cooking, sewing, painting, singing or dance -- we would love to hear what your favorite things are.

Please please don't judge yourself. Enjoy what you love and share with us in the comment section or if you have a photo of your passion please share it with us. If you want some tips on how to take a better photo stay tuned. AND if you want to see how we at Focusing on Life are growing we will be sharing different ideas in the near future.

If you have suggestions for us on topics -- please drop us a line and help us continue to grow with you.



Dotti said...

These are the sweetest little critters, Claudia! And, yes, what you say is so true. We're not about "perfect", we're about community and encouragement and friendship. Belonging to, and participating in, online communities has helped me grow as a photographer and more importantly, as a person.


Barbara said...

So well said, Claudia. God's Great Creatures, I know I love my friend Sasha even if she is only 9 pounds and keeps me in line everyday. She is my friend, my confidant, my exercise partner, my bedmate and my love. We all started somewhere in photography and there is always a beginning and never an end with learning photography. Hope your friend will join in all the fun and all the friendship that goes on FOL. It is not a place to judge but a place to give and learn.

Jeanne said...

Claudia, I adore your photos. My Cheri' is my favorite subject. Your post is an awesome one and I am going to visit lots more often. All I need is more time to myself. Sigh!!! I don't know what retired means anymore. I have never been busier. That's really ok, I love my life.

Love you too my dear sista friend,
Jeanne xoxoxo

Maria said...

I have so many out of focus, blurry, under/overexposed photos that mean a lot to me. It's not about being perfect, just capturing what you want to remember. Love your photos, Claudia!

terriporter said...

All so true, Claudia! If you play the comparison game, there's always going to be somebody who is better than you at whatever you're comparing and that's definitely NOT what we're about here. The friendship, the learning, the growing, the sharing -- that's what we all come here for every day. Love your pet photos! Those dogs look like they're about to open up their mouths and talk! Thanks for a wonderful post, my friend!

Elisa Schulz said...

Thank you for the post. It seems to have been written for me! I'm self-conscious about the fact that I haven't yet taken any classes and I don't have Photoshop... I really appreciate all your comments whenever I am brave enough to post something. Can't wait to see what you all are going to be putting on the blog as far as tips on how to take better pictures.

Linda said...

The best part of this community is the sharing and encouragement we get. It's not about being perfect it's about just being and sharing what is in your eyes and heart.
Thanks for the encouragement and the beautiful pictures!


Jocelyne said...

Oh...what beautiful photos ! The sheltie is so cute, I have a weakness for shelties, mine is 3 years old.
You are so right about what you said for the photos. It's not a competition right ? I've never been to your Flickr group but I might just do so now !

Karen Harvey Cox said...


I love the soft quality in your photos, which really does look like the look of love. Lovely words Claudia.


Deanna said...

Golly my list just gets longer and longer with favorite things, and you hit on many of them. You know how I care and love my dog, Toby. I don't believe I could make it "alone" without him by my side. I am so happy that you encouraged your new friend to join in our flickr group. My heavens we were all at that awkward stage in our beginnings on flickr and in the blog world. Without encouragement from those around me I would never have posted a single shot.

stephmull said...

Thank you so much for reminding us what this community is all about! I remember when I took my first "picture" class with Tracey Clark. I was so intimidated by everyone else's talent that I was so nervous when I posted my first photo. But I decided that I had paid for the class and I needed to put myself out there. If I wouldn't have done that, I wouldn't be where I am today, having learned so much and surrounded by these awesome women I've met along the way. Thank you, Claudia for these awesome words!

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