Monday, April 2, 2012

Twisted Sister

        "Digital art software has empowered both the painterly side of photographers , and the photographer side of painters."
                                                                              Buffy Sainte-Marie

And so we enter the debate about reality vs. art!  I have heard my share of comments about digital cameras corrupting the art of film photography, and the use of Photoshop as a means to "correct your mistake." But I don't see it that way. I understand that you should shoot purposefully and thoughtfully, aiming for perfect exposure, focus and composition. But I also feel that we are artists telling a story; prompting an emotion. I view Photoshop as a separate art form - one in which artistic vision can run wild and free! Have you played with the crazy filters available in most software? Have you tried all the fun textures, actions, fonts and plug-ins?It's a whole other world!

Karen introduced us to some of her favorite on-line photographers a few weeks ago, and I loved following her links to new experiences. I'd like to add one more. Ashleigh Coyner of BleuOiseau Photography, is one of my favorites. I was first drawn to her after seeing the photograph above. I had just been playing with some twisting filters when I came across her wonderful, whimsical photograph "The Dancing Tower," which is part of her series of twisted images of France.

Ashleigh is a wonderful, talented photographer. Her online presence includes her beautiful website, and her blog (linked for you below), as well as her shop, and her Etsy, Twitter and Facebook pages. (You can find them from her blog).
She does not need Photoshop to "fix" anything. Her original photographs are really special.Witness this by checking out her fire series - "Le Feu," her Columbia River landscapes, and her images of Louisiana. But I especially love to watch her play!

Years ago, (you young-uns listen up now), I spent long rainy afternoons picking out individual songs from record albums to combine into mix tapes. Now I can fill an afternoon playing with my images in Photoshop. Below is one of my more successful outcomes - "Blue Apples."

 Play with one of your images today and post it on our Flickr link. Ignore those who say this is not "pure" photography! Bring out your inner artist and


P.S. What did you think of Claudia's announcement yesterday? Are you ready to come out and play with us?

                        Jump in our rain barrel
                        Slide down our cellar door
                        And we'll be jolly friends
                   (with harmony now- let's hear it)
                        Forrr-everrrr Mmmorrrre!

                                                                     .......Come out and play..........




AFishGirl said...

And bring your dollies three, climb up my apple tree... I know all the hand motions. We could do a youtube video on this. I'm sure it'd go viral and we'd be on a talk show soon. Groups of women doing the hand clapping song/games from childhood. I'm in. Great post, hits the nail on the head for me about them being two separate things. Playing is good. It is. Three cheers for play...

Carol said...

I love you - you "got it" and I remember the hand mothions too ( I feel a future prompt coming on....)!
- I'll let you know when The Today Show calls, unless Ellen calls first - because then we caould dance too!

Dotti said...

Oh, indeed what fun! It sounds like you and Pam have our Fifteen Minutes of Fame all planned out! Excellent!! Photography should be fun; creativity should be fun. This is also a good reminder not to take ourselves too seriously! Off to conjure up some fun processing for the Flickr page!



Carol said...
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Carol said...

Sorry 'bout that - major typos! What I was trying to say was, Have fun, Dotti - i can't wait to ssee what you come up with!
Peace and hugs,

Linda said...

It is about having fun and enjoying what you are doing. Sometimes the picture speaks for itself but sometimes there is more I want to say with it or through it.
We all need to take some time to play! Thanks for the reminder!


terriporter said...

Oh, I totally agree! I adore Photoshop most for the fun I can have with my images (not the fixing). Love your apple tree image! That is definitely one to be printed (big) and framed. Great post, Carol!

Carol said...

Thanks Terri - We're a fun bunch, no?

Carol said...

Hi Linda,
Seems like we're all on the same wavelength on this issue - all willing to have fun. I can't wait to watch you play!

Carol said...

Anyway Terri, I seem to remember you like anything that's blue, right?

terriporter said...

Oh, you are so right! Love any shade of blue! But I think ANYONE would find that tree shot totally gorgeous!

stephmull said...

Cool post, Carol!! Love your blue apples! I love to play in photoshop too...the possibilities are endless!! Thanks for the encouragement!

Focusing on Life said...

Thanks Steph - don't you love the tower?

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

You bring nothing but smiles! Love the silly GIRL stuff and OOOH do I remember! Sooo see we aren't so old!


Cathy H. said...

Wow! You really brought back some memories with that song! I love your blue image! I'm with Terri, blue is my favorite color! I didn't have time yesterday, but, I made time today to play with processing! It was fun! Thanks for the reminder to play!!

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