Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's Just a Number

This past March I turned fifty.  The "Big 5-0".  I remember when my parents celebrated their 50th birthdays.  I was in my early twenties and I guess at that age I didn't really look at 50 as very old, but it definitely seemed a long way off for me!

Now here I am, beginning my 50th year, and trying to process this whole aging thing.  It's funny how birthdays make you start to think.  Most days I can say that I feel great.  People have told me that I don't "look 50".  Whatever 50 is supposed to look like.  I try to eat right, I try not to use too many excuses as to why I can't exercise :), and I try to make some "me" time every day.

Sure, I'm noticing little things that remind me that I am older now.  When I look at my hands, I'm beginning to see my mother's hands.  It seems that I have to get to the salon a little sooner than I had to before to get my grays covered, and there are days, when I'm really tired, that I think I should have started using that anti-aging cream long before I did!  Oh, and let me not forget my reading glasses!  I can't read a menu, a prescription bottle, or cooking instructions on a package of food for the life of me without my reading glasses.

The fiftieth birthday is usually viewed as one with monumental significance.  What I've realized since turning 50 is that it really is just a number.  Yes, I'm  older, but it doesn't mean it's the end of the world.  It doesn't mean I'm a different person.  Yes, it has made me reflect on my life and think about what is truly important to me, but that's a good thing.  That's a really good thing.  I've made the decision to say "no" more often to all  of the external demands on me.  I'm going to try to "not sweat the small stuff".  I choose to look at this year as a new beginning with lots of opportunities out there waiting for me.

My best friend also turned 50 this year.  We've both decided to embrace it, to run with  it, and to look forward to all of the new experiences that getting older will bring.  I know that some of the experiences may not be fun -- hot flashes, wrinkles and aches and pains.   However, I know that I can look forward to my children growing into adults with lives of their own, marriages, and hopefully grandchildren.  All of these experiences will be made even better by going through them with a friend.

I feel good being 50.  I am grateful to be here and have the life that I do.  I thank God every day for giving me another day.  I have truly embraced my age and, yes, growing older, and I look forward to all that is to come.  How have you embraced your age, whatever age that may be?  Share your experiences, what you're looking forward to, or maybe even what you're afraid of so we can all give each other the courage we need to grow old.

Today's guest post is by Judy Salcedo, known to all of us as "heyjude".  We got to know her in some of Tracey Clark's Picture classes and she is now a member of Prompt Addicts and a faithful follower of Focusing on Life.  You can enjoy her beautiful photography on her blog  as well as on Flickr. Thanks so much, Judy, for being our guest!


Dotti said...

Good morning, Judy! And thank you for visiting us today, your post is just lovely. That cake is yummy looking, too. Although I left "50" in the rear view mirror some time ago, I wholeheartedly agree with you: Age is just a number nevertheless it is a timely reminder for all of us. We just have to keep believing that we're not getting older, we're getting better!


Barbara said...

I enjoyed so much reading about you and your birthday Judy, but I do hate you, I have 17 years on you. Yes I really should have started using that anti ageing cream early. Even though I hate you I think you have a great attitude to ageing and yes it is just a number but I wish that now that number would make me feel like I don't feel 67 years old. I have to get an attitude adjustment and maybe your post has done that for me. Cheers to you and your new age. :)

terriporter said...

Welcome, Judy! So happy to have you be our guest! I loved what you had to say about age -- although, like Barbara, I passed that birthday a long time ago! But attitude is everything and yours is right on track. It IS only a number, although it was easier to remember that at 50 than it is now! Thank you so much for your post today. It started my day off with gratitude for today and every day. Hope to see you here again soon.

Deanna said...

Well Happy Birthday you young the ones before me said, I am way past the 50 year birthday, actually I am heading toward that is a real eye opener. Today happens to be my 1 year birthday of my blog, yep 1 year ago today I began blogging and that has made me stop and ponder and write about my life the good as well as the bad, but you do find that there are far more good things in life than bad by reflecting and by writing on my blog. Thank you for joining us today on our life journeys and thank you for sharing your birthday with us.

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Judy -- Thanks so much for the grand post! Like you I decided that my 50's weren't going to get me in a funk and now as I am running into the next decade I am planning on having the same feeling about the number. Just live in the day. Celebrate very day.

Happy Birthday -- enjoy it. We certainly enjoy your participation with us and hope you keep sharing your joy.


Linda said...

Great post, Judy! Age is just a number. Your attitude makes it good or bad! I love how you decided to run with it and be thankful everyday!


Barb said...

Happy 50th! I love your attitude. I can honestly say that I have never felt as inspired as I do now - in my fifties! I feel so creative, almost driven . . . so that's a good thing. I don't like the way my face is going though :) but I do kinda like my grey hairs . . . weird, I know.

stephmull said...

What an awesome post, Judy! Thanks so much for joining us! I love being part of this beautiful collaboration where we are all in different stages of our lives but our creative passions unite us! I know you will rock your 50's!!

AFishGirl said...

Great post. 50. Yep. Same here. Numbers are funny, huh? I love that we are all different ages and that here that does not matter at all, in fact it's all this wonderful mix of complementary ages and how we can watch each other looking backwards and looking ahead. 50. It's a cool number. Have a marvellous day.

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