Friday, June 29, 2012

Creative Uplift

If you read my personal blog you may know that I am in the midst of re-doing 3 bathrooms.  Not a complete re-do but a kinda uplift.  Stripping of wallpaper and painting, upgrading sink tops & faucets, a new shower door, but along with all of this buying and replacing comes creativity.  After seeing the big picture (paint colors etc) then comes the fun part, the decorating which brings out my sense of creativity.  All of us here at Focusing On Life are creative, either with our photography or our sense of decorating style, our landscape design, or creating beautiful jewelry plus we like to encourage all of you to be creative as well.

After spending gobs of money, things always seem to cost more than you anticipate, I am re-using some of my original "stuff" by doing a little creative uplift.  I had two floral pieces that I really liked in the "old" bathroom and decided to try to uplift them to fit into my "new" bathroom.  The new look is bright, brighter than I anticipated, however this room is on the north side of the house that receives no sunlight, yet with this new color it will have sunshine all the time, even at night!!

As you can see the colors are yellow (bright!!!) reds (ofcourse) and just a touch of blue.  My old bathroom was blue & yellow floral wall-paper, so I have stuck with some of the same colors (kinda had to since the tile in the tub area is bright yellow) but added the red.  And I found this great rug at Target that had all the colors, how lucky am I.  Anyway to get back to the original purpose of this post, uplifting floral pieces, oh how I tend to wander, I have taken pics of the before and afters to show you how simple it is to just re-do something that you still may love and want to re-use.

This is a sweet little half-pot that hangs on the wall.  As you can see by adding the red flowers and changing the old tired blue bow for an updated red & yellow it seems to change the whole look.

And with this wreath too, changed the bow and by adding red flowers = uplift.  Truly a simple project so observe what is around your home that you still love that maybe could use a little change.  This was a very unexpensive project, just used a little bit of creativity.  So get out there ladies, update, uplift, be creative and show us your projects in our flickr on-line group.

"Living is doing."  ~  Clara Barton


Dotti said...

Deanna - Fun post! I have loved seeing the transitions in your bathrooms but this ... This is the proverbial icing. I love what you did with those little floral pieces. Oh, my. You've started my brain working (and it's too early in the morning for that, I might add) because I have outdated stuff that could use a bit of a facelift. Well, if my internet blinks out again, that may be just what I do.

Thanks, Deanna, for the inspiration and for sharing your sweet ideas!


kybarb said...

Great post Deanna! I was just about to give some old floral pieces to Goodwill--maybe I better take another look at them:). LOVE the pops of red in your new pieces and the carpet too!

stephmull said...

I am completely impressed with your "uplifts!!" You are so creative! Can you come over to my house and help give me some uplifts??

terriporter said...

Just popping in here to say "welcome", Barb! So nice to see you here and we hope you come back often.

terriporter said...

Oh, yes, I'm with Steph. I think I need you to come and help me with some uplifts. I have a list an arm long of things that need to be done around here and don't know where to start. We've lived in our house for almost 27 years and there is so much that needs updating (and I mean MAJOR updating) but with a son in law school the past three years, it just isn't in the budget. Now that it soon will be, I don't know where to start. But I love your idea of keeping what you have and updating it. Very inspirational post and it just might get me started.

kelly said...

it's always amazing to me how a few little changes can make such a big impact! love your updates, makes me want to make a trip Hobby Lobby. :)

AFishGirl said...

Knock, knock, knock. Just me. I need to use the washroom.

xoxoxo Pam

Kim Stevens said...

You have reminded me how I still need to paint my bricks I made from drywall compound and then finished glazing!! Oh how I wish I could do just a little re-do but I have two teenagers that suck all my money! haha

heyjudephotography said...

Deanna, your re-do's are beautiful. I love your color choices! I can imagine how colorful and pretty your whole home is. What great ideas you showed us. I just a did a recent update in my dining room, but wasn't sure what to do with some of my "things." I am definitely going to take a second look at them to see what can be changed up a bit. Thanks for inspiring me!

Leigh said...

I love that you upcycled and made it all new again! Beautiful Deanna! I always feel like we have so much stuff and I don't want to buy more stuff so finding ways to change what we already have is always fun.

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