Thursday, June 21, 2012

Spontaneous 'Smores

I am a planner and I consider myself a very organized person. My calendars, both paper and electronic, are filled with activities and appointments for myself and my family. I have electronic "sticky notes" pasted on my desktop to remind me of all of those appointments listed in and on my calendars. Siri, my iPhone's "intelligent personal assistant", has lately become more of a full-time employee of mine, sending me constant reminders of all our activities and things that need to be done.

I know that all of my planning and organizing does help me and my family get to everything on time. I do, however, enjoy those times that planning and scheduling aren't part of my day. For example, when I'm on vacation with my family. It feels great to realize that it really doesn't matter what time it is. It doesn't matter whether we do "x" before we do "y." We can just do as we wish, when we wish. That relaxing, free feeling is something that doesn't happen easily with me. What can I say? I'm a planner, I plan.

So on the ordinary day, when plans change and we can do something different, I find it liberating to just be spontaneous. To bring back that "on vacation feel." And boy does my nine year old love it when I'm this way. I see the excitement in his eyes and the big grin on his face. Who wouldn't love to be at my house today? We're roasting over-sized marshmallows and making 'smores on a fire-pit in the middle of a weekday afternoon!

The definition of spontaneous is "of a person having an open, natural, and uninhibited manner." Just reading that feels liberating! When we are being spontaneous we are happy and relaxed. These moments are usually remembered fondly. When I think back to my childhood memories, some of my favorite ones are of those spur of the moment events. Of doing something fun and unexpected - of being spontaneous. I definitely hope my children have some of those same kind of memories.

With the more carefree days of summer upon us I hope to have the chance for more spontaneous moments. I want that vacation feel more often. I want to see my sons eyes light up with excitement. I really will try. But I will resist the urge to schedule my next spontaneous day! :)

Are you a planner like me? Is it easy for you to be spontaneous? Share with us some of the fun and relaxing things you've done in a spontaneous moment. Post your photos of those moments on our Focusing On Life flickr page. And don't forget that this month's theme is "Attraction to Abstraction." Do you have great abstract photos? Be sure to post them as well on our flickr page. Label them ATA to be considered for our INFOCUS selections this month. We can't wait to see them!


kelly said...

i guess i do a little bit of both. i write things down in my planner and try to plan a little during the week. but mostly i guess i just fly by the seat of my pants. :)

Anonymous said...

Yum smores!! I have always been a planner, but I'm trying to be more spontaneous and not feel like I have to stick to a schedule all the time. It's really a hard thing to do but so rewarding in the end!

Carol said...

Like Kelly, I think I have some of both. I have alot of lists, but I don't look at them much! I think the act of writing them down helps me remember what I need to do. Of course, my kids aren't home any more - I had to plan much more when they were. I feel like most planners are perfectionists - and that I most definitely am not! I usually figure that everything will happen eventually, and most things will turn out OK in the end . My sister's favorite saying is - "Do you want to make God laugh? .....Tell him your plans!"

I LOVE our new summer banner! Claudia has combined our summer shots into somethiing really evocative of the season!

terriporter said...

Oh, Judy, you are speaking my language! I am a planner, list-maker and self-described perfectionist. My calendar is my life and Siri helps keep me in line as well. But being spontaneous is so much fun, especially when on vacation. However, I'm trying for more of that in my daily life, especially at this time of year. Call me the next time you're making smores and I'll put it on my calendar and come over!

Wonderful debut post! And, Claudia, if you're reading this, I LOVE our new banner! So summery and beautiful and it makes me want to go to the beach!

Kim Stevens said...

Well, when it comes to bigger things I like to plan but really I've become more of a nomad in my older age. I find I really hate running errands and being out doing mundane things and enjoy more time to think and both wonder and wander. Now I want some smores, yum!

Dotti said...

This is my second attempt. My internet service has been erratic for three days now and I'd no sooner hit "publish" then it disappeared. Grrrr!

Like others here, I'm a planner, calendar-dependent, list-making person. The joy of free-wheeling is wonderful ... for a while. Then I get antsy. I'm working on letting it go more and having my 5-y/o granddaughter during the day has helped ... but I've got a long way to go! Maybe we need to start a support group?

I also love how your inaugural post (welcome, welcome, Judy!) plays right into the themes we've been exploring: hangin', livin'easy, stopping to notice the beauty every day. Good thoughts! Let's keep it coming.

And, yes, yes, yes, Claudia! The summer banner is simply mahvelous!! I love how you've so artfully blended our different subject matter and styles. Stunning!!!

Linda said...

It's almost a given that we, as mothers, have to plan, make lists and make sure everything gets crossed off in the proper order! Isn't it? That makes being spontaneous that much more fun for everyone!
I have made lists and kept them and I have made lists and forgot them. I'm most famous for taking a list in the grocery store and still forgetting something, even though it was on the list!
Lists may never go away for me but the need to create them and keep them has faded some. A good thing!
Thanks for the reminder!


Deanna said...

Well, I am not a planner...anyone who has a "Procrastinate Now" sign in her kitchen is definitely not a planner. I rarely make lists, and I am jealous of those that do...just never got in the habit. The only time lists are made is when there are specific things that I must buy from the grocery store. So am I a spontaneous kinda gal, definitely. I will change any plans I have on a dime, if something better presents itself. I would drive my Mother crazy, she was such a list-maker. Since there is only me to think about now, it is much easier to be spontaneous, but I encourage all of you to be a little more spontaneous in life, enjoy more, plan less.

heyjudephotography said...

Enjoy more, plan less. Great words Deanna!

stephmull said...

I'm a planner through and through. It's tough for me to be spontaneous, but I do try, and having kids definitely has made me more flexible!! :-)

Cathy H. said...

Great post, Judy! I fit the catagory of spontaneous! This is mostly due to the fact that I'm a homebody, my children are grown, and my husband is retired! The only thing on my calendar other than the occasional doctor's or hair appointment is the dates I'll be with my grandsons! Other than that, it's get up and see what looks good today! My lists are very similar to Deanna' lists, blogs I want to visit, and photo prompts and link-ups I don't want to forget!!

Love your new summery header!!

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