Monday, August 20, 2012


I've been going through my Vermont pictures from last summer looking for barns to share for our August theme. But I came across a whole roll of film (not really - but what do you call the sections of your digital shoots these days...) that is all about INSIDE the barn. This is my uncle's barn, so I have access.

Just as I love the outside of barns for their varied shapes, I love the incongruity of the objects inside. You'll find the strangest pairings. (Woof! Here comes my inner junkyard dog!)

Look at all the crazy still life arrangements I came across in one barn! Again, they speak to me of the past. I find romance in the way they all fall together. It makes me wish Betty Boop's Grampy would stop by and find a use for them.

I appreciate that you all went to great lengths to find barns for me this month. I also realize that you will all probably not have access to the inside of a barn, but it's really incongruity that I'm sending you out after. Take a stroll through your cellar, shed or attic.  Find the pretty little vignettes among the random objects, and then treat them like royalty!

I'm taking a step up from my previous post about elevating the junk yard, and asking you to elevate your storage pile - the things you don't use, yet you can't bear to throw away. And, if you tell me that you don't have any storage piles like this in your house, I hate admire you!

If you want a bonus inspiration, come clean with me! A friend of mine has compiled a calendar of all of our towns' collection days (electronics are this Tuesday), and we're going to try to hit each one of them in the next few months! So, excuse me, but I have to go crawl into the icky space beneath my kitchen to pull out my old stereos, boom boxes, lamps, tape recorders and computer monitors.   Sigh..... I'd rather watch another Betty Boop cartoon.

Boop boop be doop 


(Linky party coming Thursday)


heyjudephotography said...

Stayed tuned folks! We are sorry that Carol's link, above, is not working today. During testing last week, it was fine. I'm sure you all know how finicky these things can be at times. When we can get it working, we will re-post the link. You MAY be able to type the link into your search bar, but we have had no luck with that either. We are sorry for any inconvenience, and we hope you check back. I mean, who doesn't want to see a link to Betty Boop! Boop boop de boop!

heyjudephotography said...

Carol, I love your photos here, especially the first one with the colorful hat and shell. It is funny how these odd items, put together, can seem so perfect! I love that you had the eye for this,and showed us the beauty that you found in this barn. Beauty is everywhere! We just have to open our eyes! Good job Carol!

Dotti said...

Thanks, Carol! You're the early bird today!

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

A couple of years ago I watched the TV show about HORDERS... ugggh. The last time I moved I can't tell you how much stuff I tossed. No antiques or treasures for anyone from me down the road LOL But I do love your old tub and group of wonderful 'stuf'.

Barns can be wonderful AND scarey. Ha! I am thinking I should try and visit the inside of one this month. Good assignment.


Dotti said...

During my barn hunts, I actually discovered that the interior of barns can be even more compelling then the exterior. I'm going to mention that next Monday. I found it so intriguing.

I love all the photos here ... one man's junk, etc. My junk, trust me, is not anywhere near as photogenic as the vignettes you've shown here ... but ... I'll see what I can do!


AFishGirl said...

Really love this set of photos, especially the one of the chair in the tub! It's fascinating to see the inside of the barn(s). I like the piles of junk challenge. We'll see how that goes for me, lol. Happy Monday and thanks for a great start to the week.

terriporter said...

Oh, what fun! If I was at home, I'm sure I could come up with plenty of piles for you! Love all your photos!

Carol said...

Thanks for the comments all! Just popping in to apologize for the poor link. Will do better next time!

Linda said...

Yes, the inside of an old barn is so interesting! You really got some great shots inside your uncles barn! What fun!


stephmull said...

Love that you were able to capture the inside of the barn! Most of the time, we just think of the outside. But there are many wonderful and interesting things going on inside too!

Kim Stevens said...

Oh, I was thinking this would be a great thing to do, so many stories on the things inside too. Love all your vignettes . . . not really an attic here and certainly not a basement in Texas. But I do have some piles, just not picture worthy!!

Viv (modifica) said...

Great all those lovely props to use ...

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