Saturday, September 22, 2012

INFOCUS Theme Selection September 22

September 22, 2012

September Theme: Connections

Pam Donoghue (FishGirl)'s simple photo of cheese and crackers is a wonderful illustration of a our theme this month! 
You can view more of FishGirl's work on her flickr stream.
Congratulations Pam! And thanks for sharing your photos with us here at Focusing On Life!


Dotti said...

YAY, Fish! Way to go! This is such a stunningly simple image ... I just love it. Congrats, my friend!!!!



Deanna said...

I'll take some wine with that cheese and crackers, please!! Love it!!

terriporter said...

Cheese? Crackers? Wine? I'll be right over! Love your wonderful focus -- I can even read the lettering on the crackers!

Kim Stevens said...

Yes, really fabulous and like Terri said, great focus!!

AFishGirl said...

Well! How fun is this to see coming home from the weekend at work!!! Thank you so much! I'd recreate this scene for us all if you were here and, like, we'd eat it! I get such a heart warming from this blog, it's such a sense of community and support and mutual enjoyment. Lucky me to know you guys, lucky me. I think I should just shoot in the kitchen. Really. And I don't even cook (not much) but I do cut cheese and buy nice crackers. It's funny how often I want to shoot there. It's the light. That one little window. May have to knock out a wall. This week I get to dig up the septic tank to have it cleaned and pumped. I know. Gross. Really gross. All you on city water and sewage, pay those taxes and rejoice! Okay, off to tell Fishboy I am famous now and he'd better be nice to me.
Thanks and oxoxoxoxxoxoxoox

heyjudephotography said...

I do love this photo. So warm and inviting - and definitely makes me want some! Congratulations Pam - well deserved.

Carol said...

Catching up after being away and so happy this one was chosen . I love it! As to the wine and cheese party -I'm there, and did we get from there to sewage????
Anyway-congrats Pam! And Fishboy -expect you to clear the brush away as Queen Pam walks down to th stream.....

AFishGirl said...

Carol, dunno how I got to sewage. The mind wanders, the "to do" list invades (grin). Clear away the brush. Ha. I remember walking behind (in the early days when I was a chicken and followed in each footprint he made) and the branches kept coming back and whacking me in the head as he went forward. I had pms and got all snotty and I think I said, "You're hitting me RIGHT IN THE FACE with trees!" I can laugh now. I'm tougher. And hey, I walk in front now, or at least off to the side. I was not used to the woods when I first ventured in there. Now I find it hard to come out of the woods. Times. Change. And they change us. Thanks for that memory, it made me laugh.

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