Sunday, September 2, 2012

Storytime-the party's over!

A big thank you to Natalie for sharing this beautiful picture with us at the linky party!  You can see more of Natalie's photos by clicking here.

The Storytime linky party has come to an end. I had so much fun trying to guess all your stories!  I loved seeing your pictures and reading your endings!  They were so thoughtfully written.  They were filled with so much hope, so much love and so much optimism!  Everything from making the best of an unexpected situation to a moving tribute to a sister.

Come and sit with me a while.  Let's sit back, enjoy the view and re-tell the stories.

Doesn't this look like just the perfect place?  When I saw this picture I wanted to just walk right into it and be a part of this story!

Every picture caught my eye in some special way.  As I viewed each picture I let my eye search for the story.  A small detail or the light in the picture would give me a hint.  (not that I was able to correctly guess the story I was looking at!)

Part of the fun I had with this was reading the guesses of the story.  I loved each different interpretation of the picture.  I love that we are all different and each find something a little different in each picture!  Our perspectives are different, our life experiences are different.  Our likes and dislikes are different.  Maybe we are in a good/bad mood when we look at the pictures.  These things are part of what makes different things catch our eye.

It was fun!  A big thank you to the participants!  I hope you all enjoyed it too!

If you missed the party, click here to see the stories.

The party may be over but these stories left me wanting more!  Another page to turn!  Another chapter waiting to unfold!  Could there be more?

xox, till next time?


Karen @ away for the weekend said...

This looks like fun! I enjoyed seeing all the photos and reading the stories - wishing I had participated. Maybe next time... Well done!

terriporter said...

Love the collage of all the "story" photos! It was so much fun, both participating and trying to guess the story endings of the other participants and reading everyone's guesses. Hope we do this again!

Dotti said...

Like Terri, I love the storyboard of all the story photos. Like Karen, I wish I'd participated this time. I knew about it. The only (poor) excuse I have is that for the past couple of weeks life has been interfering with my creative zone. Ugh. So, yes, let's do it again!!!


Claudia@DipityRoad said...

I'm a late one to the party too. I have to admit I really did try and think how I could add something worth while but fell short. I was very impressed with everyone's creativity!


Cathy H. said...

Linda, love your idea of storytime! I enjoyed all the great photos and the creative endings! Love the collage also! Hope we do this again!!

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