Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Birthday Tradition

This was my four month old blue eyed bouncing baby boy years ago....9 years and 8 months ago to be exact.  Today he turns ten....10.....TEN!  It just seems impossible to me that he is entering the double digits!  He is, of course, thrilled to be celebrating a birthday while I am just a wee bit sad that my boy is growing up.

When I think about traditions the ones that usually come to mind first are the ones during the holiday season.  But since this post happened to fall on Jack's birthday I knew I had to talk about a different tradition that my kids look forward to each year. When Jack was turning three, I came up with the idea of birthday pancakes for breakfast complete with singing happy birthday and the appropriate number of candles.  Well, I'm not really sure if it was my idea...but I'll go ahead and take credit for it!  As soon as I decided to make this my topic for today's post I knew I had to find all the birthday pancake photos.  The search turned into a whirlwind of digging through albums, photo boxes, external hard drives and computer files.  Which also led me to realize just how disorganized I am and then in turn making me feel extremely overwhelmed and wanting to sit in a corner and cry.  But I soon came to my senses and realized that sitting in a corner crying was not going to get this post written so I gathered the photos I could find, scanned the ones in from my pre-digital days and found the digital ones gathering dust on my hard drive.  I was able to find almost every birthday pancake photo....except for the first one which makes me really sad because he was the cutest little 3 year old, but you'll just have to trust me on that.

Today I will take the 7th official birthday pancake photo as my boy turns 10.  I will hopefully get it added to this post later today (so check back!)

Yes I knew there are only 4 candles.  I wasn't fully prepared that year!



It's pretty funny to watch the progression of my photography skills along the way!  

The thing about traditions is that they give us something to look forward to and memories to hold on to.  They offer a sense of comfort and keep us in touch with our family roots.  When I was a little girl I always looked forward to lighting the candles at the Thanksgiving table with my grandparents, making fudge for the holidays with my grandfather, singing Silent Night at the candlelight service at church on Christmas Eve....the list goes on and on.  I have such fond memories of these traditions and memories and it gives me comfort even though my grandparents are no longer with me.  Passing these along to my children and creating new traditions is a responsibility and a privilege that I take seriously as a mom.  I hope when my children are grown and have kids of their own that they will make them birthday pancakes complete with candles and song.

Tell us about your traditions and post your photos in our flickr group!


Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Ohhh Leigh-- these brought images brought tears to my eyes!! You are doing such a grand job passing on your traditions.

Like you said ...its so fun to see the photography growth! but every shot has his eyes sparkling so much. so touching.

Candle light is so glorius!

Thanks for sharing.

Dotti said...

Leigh, this is the most precious collection! And I know the collection of Molly's breakfast pancakes are just as sweet. Jack is a wonderful, unique, precious young man. (I started to say "little boy" ...) His eyes are amazing ... the girls are in big trouble. Nah ... on second thought ... lucky is the young lady who snares this fellow.

This is such a wonderful tradition and don't be a bit surprised to see your kids pass this along to your grandkids. But you know who'll have to make the pancakes! :-D

heyjudephotography said...

I loved reading you say that passing traditions on to your little ones, and some day their families, is a responsibility and privilege that you take seriously. I feel the exact same way! I think it's so important, and keeps us connected to our family members when they are no longer with us. The photos are beautiful, of course because he is so beautiful. And those last two - wow! Love the candle reflection and the Santa hat! Happy Birthday to Jack! (he's only a couple months older than my little guy - who will be turning 10 in January!)

Kim Stevens said...

Love the birthday essays in photos! And, ahhh the candlelight's funny to how the traditions don't have to be some grand thing, just something like you said that is looked forward to with anticipation. We have a birthday tradition too, but I'm not sure if I might be sharing that one in my next post so mums the word on that for now....I do see peanut butter on those pancakes, my kinda guy!! ; ) xo

kelly said...

oh how time flies. they do grow up so fast. loved seeing his sweet face through the years. and oh those eyes. loved also your comment about the progression of your photography. totally speaks to us growing and evolving right along with our sweet babies. :) happy birthday to your beautiful boy. :)

Linda said...

Aw! So sweet! Such a fun tradition! It's always so much fun to look back through the special pictures like these! Don't blink! These moments go by much too fast!


Leigh said...

Thank you Claudia! Such a fun tradition :)

Leigh said...

Awww thanks Dotti! He is a sweet boy and will definitely made some young lady very happy one day, but not too soon! He's MINE!

Leigh said...

I didn't realize our boys were the same age! I bet they would be great friends!

Leigh said...

Yes, Jack likes peanut butter on his pancakes! and sometimes bananas too! I have to admit....this morning we were in a rush so he had birthday waffles courtesy of Eggo!

Leigh said...

Thank you Kelly!

Leigh said...

It was so fun for me to put all these together! And you are's going by way too fast!

Deanna said...

We just watched your son grow up before I very eyes. Isn't that the greatest about photographs...watching you children grow and change from year to year (and your photography skills grow & change) If I decided to do a post like this I would be in deep trouble too...My photos are scattered from here and yon and I would definitely be sitting in the corner crying. Good for you for gathering and putting them together so we could all enjoy the birthday pancake tradition!! Love it!! Thanks for sharing!!

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

I had to check back to see if you got the 10 yr marker up!! I love how we got to see them all. Another eye twinkler.

Carol said...

And my birthday is also Nov. 14 and I turned 60 this year - yikes!

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