Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Tutu Tradition

Birthday traditions in our house have run the gamut from sports tournaments, video game challenges, paintball battles and waterpark adventures. But, then, I had all boys . . . and a grandson.

Now with my granddaughter turning one, I have been thinking a new, more girly tradition is in order. On my recent trip to Palm Springs for Oasis, several of the women there made tutus and did photo shoots wearing them. I wasn't one of those who did, but it was fun to watch what a great time they were having. So I decided we were going to start a new birthday tradition -- a tutu tradition. I researched a bit online (you know me, the Google girl!) and found out how easy it was to make a tutu. So I headed off to Hobby Lobby and bought the following:

1.  A white onesie.
2.  An iron-on applique and letters for the front of the onesie.
3.  Three rolls of different colored tulle.
4.  A roll of wide satin ribbon.

The iron-on applique and letters were easy to do and took all of five minutes. Then I cut the tulle into about 18" lengths and began tying them around the ribbon. When I had enough of the tulle tied on to fit around her waist, I knotted the ribbon on each side right next to the last tulle piece to hold them in place. I completed this while watching a TV show, so it was very easy and fast.

And now for the piece de resistance, Miss Birthday Girl herself wearing her tutu:

Worth every second it took to make this little creation and I think this is a birthday tradition that will be repeated, if I know my little princess (and her grandma!)

A reminder about our card exchange, be sure to send your snail mail address to Linda if you wish to join us. You can read more about it in Linda's post last week. If you have a new (or an old) tradition that you would like to share, be sure to tell us about it in the comment section below and if you have a photo of it, post it to the Flickr group. With Thanksgiving coming up in two days, I'm sure you'll be taking lots of photos. We would LOVE to see them!


Carol said...

Terri - that is just the cutest idea I've ever heard! It's so obvious how crazy about your first girl you are and SO obvious why! I always love your pics of her-she is the Gerber baby personified! My neice s about to have a little girl any day now -way out in Az;(. I should send you over to play for me!

heyjudephotography said...

I can't believe she is turning one already! You know I think she is just a beautiful princess, and boy does she look like one in her spectacular tutu! I love this idea. Having two boys myself I guess I will have to wait to see if I get a granddaughter! That's going to be a long way off, so I'll just look at Jiana's picture!

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

No way is she one! Wow where did the time go?

I love her new fun frock and you did such a lovely job! After having my two boys... i was soooo happy to get to "do PINK!" it was a joy I will hold forever! Looks like you will have something to look forward to EVERY year! What fun.


Deanna said...

This is just precious...and I love the tennis shoes and head-band that completes the whole princess. Sweet new tradition and PS this tutu looks way cuter on Jiana than some I saw at Oasis. So glad you were blessed with a granddaughter, every woman who has 3 boys, definitely needs a girl in her life!!

Dotti said...

How adorable is this? And how precious is Jiana? Just wonderful, Terri! It is hard to believe she's already a year old. Have to agree with Deanna - Jiana wins the prize as the Best Tutu Model Ever! This is a terrific tradition and I think Jiana will come to love it as she better understands what's happening. What fun is in store down the road! (I just hope the passage of time slows down a bit for us to catch up.)

Linda said...

That is the cutest thing! You will have so much fun with this little grand daughter! I bet this is not the last tradition you start!


Kim Stevens said...

Oh my goodness....cutest things ever, Jiana and the tu-tu!! And as she gets older, she will look so forward to this tradition, how fun!! xo

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