Monday, December 3, 2012

Giving and Receiving

Where does the time go?! Here we are, already at the beginning of December, and smack dab in the middle of one of the busiest seasons of the year. Busy as it is, it's a wonderful time of year, with many opportunities to share our joy, and love and concern for one another - and why our theme this month is "Giving and Receiving."

Although we may first think of all of the gifts we give to our family and friends, (and the joy we receive from doing that), there are many other ways to give:

You can donate to a coat and clothing drive, or bake goodies for a charity bake sale. If baking isn't your thing, you can donate to your favorite charity, give to a local food pantry, or purchase a toy to give to Toys for Tots.

 Some of the best ways you can give are completely free.  You can write a letter to a soldier who is far away from home and family. Share a cup of tea with an elderly neighbor - or shovel their driveway.  Volunteer your time at one of your local charities or soup kitchens. And you can give your love and encouragement to a friend who is down. I'm sure that all of you have your favorite ways to give this time of year, and we look forward to you sharing them with us this month.

 But this might be the best news yet....  did you know that giving is actually good for us?  Scientists believe that altruistic behavior releases endorphins in our brain, producing the feeling known as "helper's high." Scientists also say that giving, and helping others, can reduce stress. Look at that! We receive so much in return when we give of ourselves.

So, in the spirit of giving and receiving, (and improving our health to boot), we are going to have a Recipe Exchange this month! Do you have that one special cookie you always bake this time of year? Do your friends always request your delicious casserole for the community pot luck? Or do you make the best bbq sauce for your summer picnic? Whatever the recipe, we want you to share it with us!

All you need to do is visit the Focusing on Life flickr page. Under the "discussion" section you will see "December Recipe Exchange." You can post your recipe/s there, and if you have a photo of your dish, you can post that in the flickr group, right alongside your "giving and receiving" photos. Remember, we may chose your photo for our weekly INFOCUS selections!

In addition to our flickr page, you can also share your December photos with us on Instagram - at #focusingonlife.


Kim Stevens said...

Good morning and Happy December....yes, I will always hold true to the fact that it is much more fun to give than to receive, and more times than not the best gifts are free! Love your photo!

terriporter said...

Oh, yes, your photo is perfect! Just adore your focus! At this time of year, I always wish there were some way that the spirit of love and giving could last all year. Love your recipe exchange idea and I can't wait to see what people post in the Flickr pool! It could be the source of some new recipes for all of us!

Dotti said...

Me three! Love the photo ... so perfect! And what a fabulous list of "giving" ideas you've given us. You know the old adage, the giver receives far more from giving than the receiver does from receiving. As we grow up and finally learn that yes, Christmas IS about giving, the sweeter it becomes with each year to "give" to our family and friends.

And a recipe exchange! Whoopee!! Bring it on!!! READERS - Don't miss out on the fun! Share your fav recipes with us.

Linda said...

Like Dotti said, Christmas is about giving. Your list of ideas is a good one. There's something on it for everyone! A recipe exchange is such a fun idea! I can't wait to see what is shared!


Carol said...

Such a good idea to tell us how to help
And I love the pov in the pic and the wrapping paper

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