Friday, December 7, 2012

Season of Lights

I love this time of year....the music, the food, the festive gatherings, the time spent with family, and the lights.

Definitely, the lights.

Our tree is up, bright and sparkling. We have lights going up the banister and lining the railing of our second story. I love sitting in the living room at night, with all the overhead lights off, just allowing the glow of the Christmas lights to wash over me with their warmth and magic.

I know this season is busy and full of preparations. But don't forget to take some time to play. Capture a little Christmas light bokeh. Whether it's front and center in your photo, a bit of enchantment in the background, great big round circles, or fun shapes like hearts and stars, you can never go wrong with adding some bokeh festivity.

And don't forget to share your creation with us!


Dotti said...

Yes, Stephanie ... I totally agree. Lights! Bring them on. Sitting with my granddaughter the other day, she noted that it was gloomy outside but we had lots of lights inside. Yes!

And another resounding "Yes" - Play. Definitely leave some time to play.

terriporter said...

Ever since learning to shoot bokeh at Christmas time last year, I've been waiting for this year so I can do more! One of my favorites was the technique of shooting through my lens at the tree behind, one that you taught me. Yes, in all the craziness that is inherent this time of year, "play" is definitely important. I try to play a little bit each day with my camera (or my phone!). It keeps me sane!

Linda said...

Oh how I love bokeh! I look forward to this time of year for so many different reasons and one of them is being able to take pictures with fabulous bokeh from the beautiful lights! It is fun to play with the lights! I am definately doing some of that!


Danielle said...

Oh I love how you did the lights!! I recently learned how to do this in a night photography class I took with Kent Weakley...can't wait to get my tree up and try it out.

Deanna said...

The first thing I did when I put up the tree was take a bokeh light fun. And I agree, I love sitting down at night with just the glow from the Christmas lights, pausing to enjoy!!

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