Sunday, March 31, 2013

Focus on You

by Linda

As March ends and April begins, and with it a new theme, I wanted to let everyone know how much I enjoyed seeing your pictures in the flickr gallery and on Instagram.

This month there were 4 pictures highlighted here on the blog and 16 highlighted on Instagram. But  there are many more that are so very good. I want to share a slideshow of some of my favorites from from both galleries. This isn't all the pictures that were posted, stop by the Focusing on Life  flickr gallery and the Instagram hashtag #focusingonlife to see them all.

I hope you enjoy it (and turn on your speakers).

The password is - thetinman

There's no place like home from Linda Owens on Vimeo.

A big thank you to all the talented photographers who shared their work with us this month!
Kelly Ishmael - on flickr ,  @kellish on Instagram
Kate Ter Haar - katerha on flickr
Elke - elke1403 on flickr
Leanne Strilchuk Leanne S on flickr , @anniestril on Instagram
Cathy - slycat54 on flickr , @cathysly on Instagram
Corinna Hofer - corinnaho on flickr
Cristina Dalla Valentina on flickr , @cristinadallavalentina on Instagram
Pam Donoghue - AFishGirl on flickr
Justine Gordon @justingordon123 on Instagram
Jessica - @djschiro on Instagram
Lynne Raspet - @linderloo on Instagram
Carin Collin - @ladyoftheforest on Instagram
Jennifer Hagedorn Dizon - @beautifulnothing on Instagram
Carol Jane Ellergodt - @cjellergodt on Instagram
@lyahle on Instagram
Chery - @cherylmsf on Instagram
@karenmarie63 on Instagram
Nicole - @vintageyellowrose on Instagram
@saurand on Instagram
Melody Sanders - @melody_sanders on Instagram
Lisa Jay - @lisa_jay on Instagram
Patty Waite - @nomadicpatty on Instagram
Gabrielle - @willowandthedaydreamer on Instagram

And Happy Easter!


Carol said...

Linda, thank you ! I love this! I have had a hugely busy month and I haven't played or followed as much as I usually do, and this was l lovely way to catch up. I'm going to make time to catch up at our site after the Easter dishes are dried today. What a group of wonderful photographers and soft hearted people have gathered with us! Fantastic!!!!

terriporter said...

I can't tell you how much I love this, Linda! Such a beautiful tribute to some wonderful contributors to our Flickr and IG groups! Each month it is hard to choose a small few to feature in our Focus on You posts and you solved that problem perfectly! Thanks for all your hard work and thank you to everyone who contributed. Love seeing all of the beautiful photos posted to our groups each month.

Elke Sewoester said...

Linda, this video just made my day. I`m so grateful for the connection with all of you around the globe - makes me incredibly happy. Thank you! said...

What a fantastic idea Linda I love it....

Dotti said...

I LOVE this, Linda! Such a grand idea. The photos, it goes without saying, are truly wonderful and your transitions during the slideshow are perfect, absolutely perfect. Big thanks and a huge hug for doing this!

Katie said...

Oh wow, Linda, this was stunning! Beautiful video, and I loooove Coldplay!

leigh love said...

Such a beautiful collection of photos! Thanks Linda!

kelly said...

linda this video just takes my breath away. and it is such an honor and privilege to be included with these talented photographers. thank you for this wonderful community of friends. love, kelly

Becs said...

Love this video, so beautifully put together. And thank you for including my images. I'm very honoured to be included amongst this group of fabulous photographers.

Justine said...

fantastic video and thanks for using my picture on instagram too!

Cristina Dalla Valentina said...

Linda, it is wonderful, I adore this video! It is moving to see all these talents and all these inspirations together, it shows so much love for life and so much hope! I am so honored to be included in this amazing video, and to be part of this so lovely community! Thank you very much!

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