Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Forth

by Stephanie

Spring is such a glorious time of year! Color oozes from every nook and cranny. Life bursts forth from what was seemingly dead. And hope abounds.

As I drink in the joy of spring, I ponder the changes each day brings….new growth, warming temperatures, increasing light, and a return of color. These changes are so positive and seemingly effortless. Often, after just a little shower of rain, the leaves are budding and the flowers are blooming.  It’s almost as if all they needed was just one small drop of water as an excuse to spring forth!

But spring can also be a hectic time of year. School is drawing to a close with all its many and various activities, sports teams begin new seasons, taxes are due (don’t forget to send them by Monday!), and of course, cleaning must be accomplished! Amid all the busyness, it’s easy to overlook the details and beauty of your ever-changing surroundings. 

Instead, I hope you’ve been encouraged by many of the posts this month to stop, take a moment for yourself and enjoy the beauty of spring. Sit outside and enjoy your morning coffee. Find an excuse to listen to the birds sing. Or grab a friend and go on a photo walk! You’ll be glad you did.


Dotti said...

Isn't it marvelous how springtime makes our photography hearts sing? I can't get any housework done because at every turn I see new flowers, new buds, fabulous light. Thanks for giving me permission to pursue this beauty! (As if I needed it.):-D

Jeanne said...

Wonderful to see spring here isn't it... Well it is hard to believe that it has just snowed quite a few places. This is a lovely spring shot!

terriporter said...

I can't get enough of all the spring beauty around me that is just begging for me to capture it with my camera! I have decided that this time of year is so short and before I know it the heat of summer will keep me indoors, so everything on my to-do list will wait until then. In the meantime, I'm drinking in all the spring I can. Love your shot of the brilliant blue sky and the blooming tree!

CarolHart said...

Such a lovely post. I too have been outside more with my camera. This time is fleeting. We must make the most of it.

Katie said...

such a lovely reminder to stop and breathe in this most beautiful of seasons.

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