Wednesday, May 29, 2013


by Leigh

"Summertime and the livin' is easy....."  It's that time of year when school is almost over and the summer begins.  Unfortunately as a working mom the summer is not that much different from the rest of the year.  It won't be long before the summer day camps will begin so that I can continue with my work schedule.   I spent years trying to find that balance between career and family.  There was lots of guilt and frustration and not understanding how I could make this work.  But as of this Thursday I will be the mom to a 2nd grader and a 5th grader.  When did that happen?!??!  Where did my babies go?    It's time to remind myself why I went into business on my own and that was so I could have a flexible schedule to be able to enjoy this time with my kids. 

This year I'm making the rules.  Baseball in the backyard in the afternoon?...YES!  

Early morning trip to a local fishing hole....YES!

A dip in the pool at 3:00?.....YES!

Evening walk on the golf course to hunt for lost golf balls?....YES!

Roll around in the grass all day?.....YES!

This is the summer to say YES!


Carol said...

That sounds like the best summer EVER! Hooray for a great Mom!

CarolHart said...

This puts a smile on my face! Your images were a joy. Made me feel like I was right there enjoying the summer with you all! Have a wonderful season.

terriporter said...

Your photos definitely say "summer" loud and clear! I always loved summer with the kids home from school and all the fun we'd have. I didn't work and I can imagine how hard it is to balance the two but you know how fast these years are going to fly and it sounds like you're taking advantage of every minute of them! said...

They grow so quickly you have to savour it all...

Cathy H. said...

Yes, yes, yes! Spent every minute you can with your kids and create some special summer memories!! I miss those days of summer with my children! I never wanted school to start each fall. I loved being with my kiddos! I'm in a different stage now. Summer brings the opportunity to spend fun days with my grandsons!

kelly said...

yes to all that leigh. hoping to embrace that attitude more myself this summer!

Dotti said...

This is a great reminder for all of us: savor the summer. Kick back. Let our shoulders down. Thanks, Leigh!

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