Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What Color Is Your Spring?

by Carol H.

Currently I am participating in Kim Klassen’s year-long Beyond Beyond Class (2B for short.) One of our recent class assignments was to create a color board.

As I browsed through images I had taken over the last few weeks, I noticed that almost every one had pink in it! Now I’m not what you’d call a “pink” person so this came as a bit of a surprise. There’s not one piece of clothing in my closet that is pink, nor do I have even a trace of pink in my home. But there in my photostream this Spring is a sea of pink! It got me curious. I looked back over my images for each season.  Summer pictures from last year offered lots of yellow. In the fall there was orange…and red dominates my winter images.

We all have our favorite colors. Colors we wrap ourselves in and surround ourselves with all of the time. But, one of the blessings each season offers us is the opportunity to appreciate the color of the moment. 

Welcoming your thoughts on this, and please do share the color of your spring on the Focusing on Life Flickr group or on Instagram and tag #focusingonlife.



Carol said...

That's really interesting, Carol. In the style workshop that I just attended, someone commented that although my house and clothing are all muted colors, much of my photography is bright primary colors. I had never noticed that either! That's why we must keep looking at our pics, and then look again later, when w are more removed from the moment.

Deanna said...

After returning home from a trip to the garden center, camera in hand, I realized many, many of my pics were pink. Maybe our photographer's eyes are drawn to the beauty of pinks. Lovely color board, Carol.

Dotti said...

Beautiful color board, Carol, and a fun exercise. I just took a trip through Lightroom and found that my spring photos are not totally dominated by any one color. I do have a lot of pink and purple, probably about equal, with yellow and red close behind. Pink and purple are not colors that are in my "personal palette" but yellows and reds are. I wonder what all of this says about us? :-D

terriporter said...

Love all the tones of pink in your storyboard! Just for fun, I took a look at all the blooming cactus photos that I shot this spring and, although I shot a variety of colors, I predominantly was drawn to the pinks and purples. I do agree that colors tend to dominate a certain season and that different people are drawn to different colors without even thinking about it. I know it's the same for me when shopping for clothes -- I like color! My photos and my closet seem to be full of color. Wonder what that says about me?

kelly said...

i too am a color girl and pink is one of my faves. i love to wear and grow it in the garden. :) beautiful color board!

Kim Stevens said...

Carol, this is such a beautiful color/story board, and I happen to LoVe piNk!! Grow, wear, and highlight my hair with it, lol! I wish I had a pink room in my house . . . :)

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