Friday, June 21, 2013

Details, Details, Details

by Stephanie

I’ve been feeling melancholy about my photography lately. I’ve been short on time for creativity and even when I have found a little time, everything I shoot feels uninspired and just blah.

My 50mm 1.4 lens is my go to lens. It is on my camera almost exclusively. It’s a fast lens, tack sharp, and I value it’s story-telling abilities. But I decided I needed to do something different and mix things up a little. So I pulled out my 100mm macro lens and went for a photo walk in my backyard. I went hunting for details…the small, often overlooked intricacies of life.

I found lines and repetition.

 I found ruffles and color. 

I found eyelashes.

And I found inspiration. 

So I encourage you to find ways to mix things up in your creative world to find a little inspiration today! Happy shooting!


Sarah Huizenga said...

I definitely went through that period this Spring, and still struggle now and again. Mixing it up certainly helps. My 60mm Macro helped pull me out of it. The details of your garden are gorgeous!

Dotti said...

I think this is a common occurrence for all of us. Nevertheless, it tends to leave us feeling funky. Finding a new way of looking at things, be it a different lens, a different perspective, using black and white ... the possibilities are endless, really ... can jolt us back to the sweet spot of creativity and inspiration that we crave. You nailed it ... your photos are spot on. Both inspired and inspiring! :-D

kelly said...

totally been there myself too. glad you found some inspiration in changing things up. :)

gina said...

I've also been in a creative slump -- thanks for the pep talk and lovely photos!

leigh said...

So beautiful! I've been in a bit of a rut myself lately and switching up lenses is a great idea. Thank Steph!

heyjudephotography said...

So so true - switching things up works so well. I was shooting yesterday and searching for photos for a guest blog post coming up. It really opened my eyes to things I probably wouldn't have looked twice at. Your images are lovely. Glad you found inspiration.

Cathy H. said...

I'm joining the "I'm in a rut gang!" Thanks for the tip...I'll try that!

CarolHart said...

Such beautiful I images! I hear what you and others are saying. We all get into a funk creatively. I'm currently in one now and hoping this London trip snaps me out of it! From the look of your images, it appears you have snapped out of yours!

terriporter said...

Summer always puts me in a photographic funk because it's just so hot outside. A trip always pulls me out of it but that isn't always possible. Love your idea to pick a lens you haven't been using and spend some time with it. Your photos show that this approach certainly worked for you!

Deanna said...

My 105mm macro lens is my backyard lens for sure...she (notice I said "she"...guys don't see those fine details like we women do)captures all those "details" that I might otherwise miss with other lenses.

Silvina Soave said...

Son preciosas estas fotos, excelentes!!.Yo también a veces ando escasa de inspiración y es bueno hacer algo diferente.
Un abrazo y feliz fin de semana!!

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