Thursday, June 27, 2013

Edit Challenge Wrap-up

 by Linda

I want to thank everyone who participated in the edit challenge I posted about last time I was here. I felt like a kid in a candy store every time I saw another beautifully and creatively edited photo! I hope you had as much fun as I did!

I want to share some of the edits and the recipes today. These are not all of them, just a few so if you would like to see more stop by the flickr gallery and the Instagram gallery.

The original photo above was taken on my iPhone one morning while out on my daily walk. I was experimenting with the native camera in HDR mode. I took lots of pictures of different things. This is one that was just ok, not great. My "no delete" policy allows me to use these kinds of pictures to experiment with new and different processing techniques and apps. That is exactly what I did with this photo and what I asked you to do with it too!

From flickr:

This edit is by drolwa
Barbara says "..I think I used the watercolor app Aquarella as well as the Snapseed app and sharpened the image in Aviary"

I like the vintage look of this. The texture in the center of the image looks like a torn or worn photograph.

another creative edit by drolwa

PicMonkey was used on this one

Another vintage feel with this one but with color. The tones are distressed and worn. The texture used here is a nice addition to the sky.

This edit is by *jdarby*

Janice says "I used two photo filters, blue and orange, added a curves adjustment.
for fun, I added a rainbow, rain, butterfly and extra bokeh"

I liked the coolness of this edit. The beautiful blue sky with a light morning shower caught my eye. Of course I do love bokeh! You can never have too much bokeh.

From Instagram:

This edit is by @karenmarie63 
apps used are PicTapGo, Mextures and DistressedFX

I liked the colors and the painterly look in this one. The grasses really stand out and are such a beautiful golden color.

This edit is by @echie52
apps used are Alt Photo, PicFX, Phototoaster and Filter Mania 2

I like the faded vintage feel of this one.  The birds flying around in what could be fog rolling in is a very nice creative touch.

This edit is by @adnahss
processed for color and contrast with Picsplay, apps used are TangledFX, iColorama and DistressedFX
I like how the area around the sun is blue but the sky is red! The birds look as if they are flying away from the sun.

This edit is by @nicedreamwithu
apps used are Superimpose, MasterFX, Juxtaposer, Color Effects and PicTapGo

Donna says "I love playing with colors and blending textures. I use layer upon layer in all of my edits."

I was drawn in by this edit. Knowing what the original looked like and seeing what she did kept me looking and looking. I like the colors and clouds and sparkles and the hot air balloons were unexpected and lovely!  Donna's photo stream on Instagram is beautiful and filled with creative edits like this.

This is a first edit from me. I had just downloaded a new app called Mextures and wanted to see what it could do.

My recipe in Mextures was:
Landscape Enhance-Summer Setting
Lite Leaks-Viva La Grunge

My next edit was with DistressedFX
My recipe:
Lily-increased effect and saturation
Charm-increased effect and saturation, decreased brightness

This was my most fun edit. Me in a bubble! Weird stuff! But so much fun!

My recipe:
Juxtaposer-put me in the picture
Elasticam-stretch my arms, dress, hair
Alien lens-add bright sun where the sun was in the center of what is now me to make it brighter since I covered it up with myself, add Alien Lights (the big circle thing around me), add Star Fade and Star Group to the sky, apply Warm Filter
DistressedFX-Egret and Charm


Thank you again, for playing along with this edit challenge! I enjoyed seeing your edits and I learned a few new tricks!

Stop by the photostreams of the artists featured here and spread a little love on their creativity! Follow a new person on Instagram or flickr! All of the usernames below the photos are clickable and that will take you to either their flickr stream or the web version of their Instagram stream. 

What did you think?

Should we do this again?


heyjudephotography said...

I love seeing how this one photo can have so many different looks. I say "yes please" to doing this again! I hope all of our readers chime in with a big resounding yes!

Vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

What a great idea and way to learn about different apps as well as see how creative people are!

janice said...

It is amazing what all the apps can do on a phone. I'm just getting into it and writing down some of these to check out. I really like the added birds and whatever you did Linda with the bubble image. Really cool stuff. Yes, do it again... a great learning experience.

terriporter said...

So much fun, not to men inspiring, to see what everyone has done with this one image! I know I had a great time playing and would love more edit challenges. Yours with the bubble is amazing!

kelly said...

yes! so fun. loved seeing the creative stuff people came up with. plus it was also a good exercise for me...playing with apps that i don't normally use. love it.

leigh said...

It is so wonderful seeing all these different creations!

Dotti said...

Each one of these edits is a work of art! It is so amazing to see how many different ways one photo can be edited ... and each one works! Very fun challenge, Linda.

Livingsta A said...

So creative, and just shows how a photograph can be transformed into creative pieces with different edits. This is how everyone sees things from a different perspective. Thank you for sharing this with us. Have a great weekend :-)

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