Friday, June 7, 2013

Five for Friday

by Stephanie

I don’t know about you, but when I wake up on a Friday morning, there is just a little more spring in my step. The tasks of the day ahead don’t seem quite as daunting and I know I smile just a little more. And today is no exception. Especially since it marks the last day of school for my children. And because Fridays and the start of summer are good things, I wanted to share five things that make me happy today!

1. Sleeping in 
Now that school is over, even a few extra minutes of sleep each morning is a little slice of heaven!

2. Flowers
Moving to a new home is always an adventure and I am so thankful to the previous owner of our home for the beautiful flowers she left behind for me to enjoy!

3. Vacations
We are headed to a beach in Florida later this summer and the anticipation is half the fun! 

4. Evening light
There's nothing like those long, low rays in the summer. Everything looks a little better with some evening light!

5.  Little hands hard at work
Chubby, small and often sticky, but oh, so sweet!

As you are enjoying your Friday, we'd love to hear five things that make you happy today!


Dotti said...

Oh! What sweet photos! Love all of them. The flower collage is beautiful but the kiddos ... just wonderful. Yes, summer is a favorite time for me, too. The beach, flowers, the longer days, the picnics, poolside fun, birthday parties ... all of it. Have a happy summer, Stephanie!

terriporter said...

Love your photos and love this idea! Right now I'm not so happy about the heat so I'm catching up on my digital scrapbooking and remembering why I love it! Iced tea, dips in the pool with my grandkids, baseball games (in the thankfully air conditioned stadium!), and salads for dinner all are making me happy right now! Hope everyone has a happy summer!

kelly said...

such beautiful photos that are pretty much everything i love about summer as well. personally today i am happy for the beautiful weather, that some of my girlfriends are coming for dinner, having my girl home for the summer, my silly pets that make me smile, and a day off to enjoy it all. hope your summer is great. :) said...

Great photos and it looks like a lot of fun is going to be had...

Sarah Huizenga said...

Beautiful photos. LOVE little hands hard at work. Five things today:
1) talking to a friend on FaceTime for the first time 2) Sunshine 3) Gathering creative ideas 4) Antiquing 5) Family

Deanna said...

Hmm, 5 things...1) working in the garden 2)drinking coffee and reading the newspaper on the screen porch 3) going on a garden walk (which I am doing tomorrow) 4) reading a good book 5) enjoying a glass of wine as the sun begins to set.....and ofcourse, taking pictures!! Love you photos, Stephanie, they reflect the love you have for life!!

Katie said...

i love that last shot. beautiful little baby hands!

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