Monday, September 16, 2013

Dream, Dream, Dream

by Carol A.

It's hard for me to believe, but I have been working at my career for almost 40 years now. I like my career, but there is so much more to me. At my age, many of my friends are beginning to think about retiring in the next five to ten years. A few have retired already. Everyone is wondering what it is that they want to do with this next phase. Some plan to keep on working because they"can't sit still." Others can't find a passion. Others, who have always looked forward to moving "somewhere else," are now saying "Do I really want to move away from all my history?" After all these years of responsibility, it feels odd to think about being free.

Last night I saw Kenny Loggins in concert. He is a great story teller, which shouldn't be surprising, I guess, since he's spent his life writing lyrics. He has a new band called Blue Sky Riders. (You can hear them here.) He told us the story of forming the band.

He had flown to Nashville to work on some songs with Gary Burr. They realized their voices blended well, and Kenny said, "If this was 20 years ago, I would have formed a band."  Back home, he got to thinking "why not?" He got really consumed with the idea, and approached his manager with all kinds of excited plans. But his manager's response was "You're too old to dream."

Kenny went home, his tail between his legs, with all of  his enthusiasm shot down, and prepared "to be old." But eventually, his spirit and heart kicked in, and he decided to go back to "Why not?" So here he is, touring the country with a new band, just as he had done at age 20. 

I say GOOD FOR HIM! You're going to get older anyway, so why not do it while doing the things you love? Never, never, never give up your dreams!

Show us YOUR dreams......

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Dotti said...

So much truth in this post, Carol! When I retired, everybody asked, 'What are you going to do?' I had a plan, of course: take care of my granddaughter when she was not in school and immerse myself in my photography and blogs. That was my dream ... to have more time for my photography. I do tell people it's important to have a plan, or a dream, if you wish, when you retire. Or at any time, really!

CarolHart said...

Excellent post Carol and a timely one. My husband and I have been emerged in this very conversation for some time now and we've come to the same conclusion as Dottie, ya gotta have a plan. Visualize it, then start living into it now. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject and many thanks for the theme reminder too!

Jeanne said...

Great story and so right to never give up your dreams, and to always carry them out as creatively as possible!

heyjudephotography said...

I love this Carol. I believe that we can always follow our dreams.. It may take awhile before we can put them/it front and center, but we can always work toward our dreams.

terriporter said...

Can't believe I'm just now getting here at almost 7:00 at night but it's been a CRAZY day! Funny but this subject was discussed by a bunch of us at a party this past weekend and how many people say, "I've always wanted to . . ." rather than "I'm going to make that dream come true!" There's no time like the present. Dreams are made to be fulfilled and we need to make sure than happens. Love this thought-provoking post and thank you!

Kim Stevens said...

Such a good story, and a great reminder that our dreams aren't going to come to us...we need to go to them! Thanks!

kelly said...

man this just so speaks to me carol. because it's never to late to pursue a dream. so instead of giving myself a million reasons why i shouldn't do something, from now i'm going to say 'why not.' :)

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