Monday, September 30, 2013

"Fall-ing" in Love

by Carol A.

I am dedicating this post to Susan Kay Case. She is a Facebook friend of mine, and earlier this week she posted a request. Her post - in her own words;

"Almost the end of September, and I am desperately missing the fall season. Friends, please post your autumn pics so I can live vicariously through you!" Then she added her IG contact #wishingforfallinhouston".

Since Fall is my very favorite season, her post resonated with me deeply. Long ago I lived in Florida for two years, and when the Fall came, I felt so strongly the same way. I will never forget sending out Christmas cards that showed Santa on the beach. For a life-long Yankee - that's just not right!

As I write, I am having the very best part of my week. I am sitting on the back porch with my Saturday morning coffee. It is a stunning Fall morning. The hammock is still out, but I have worn coats to work all week. The trees in my yard are just about half turned, and while the green and brown mix is pretty today, I know the most gorgeous fire-blazing golds are yet to come. It is so quiet here that I can actually hear the individual leaves fall, and I am watching them hit the ground. One just landed on my keyboard.The crickets were almost silent last night - preparing for their winter rest, I guess. I was under my thicker blanket, but the window next to my bed was still open. I love going to sleep to nature sounds, and hate those last few humid August nights, when I have to turn that noisy air conditioner on - it severs my earth-soul connection.

I am just about sedentary at the end of August in that humidity. When September hits I am re-energized! Just this week alone I have been thinking of:

        painting my kitchen cabinets
        getting out my winter clothes
        painting my house exterior (by myself)
        joining an art class
        taking a college course
        weeding my garden and planting mums
        getting more pumpkins
        making soup

Yeah, I'd say I'm re-energized.

But today I think I will take a drive a few minutes down to a local farm and take more pictures - this light is just too pretty for too short a period of time. I just gotta go smell some roses  apples....

So FOLers, I am taking up a collection for Susan. Please post some Fall shots for her on our Facebook page,  our IG stream or our Flickr galleries. If you are awake now, post some morning ones to finish out our September "Mornings" theme. If not, post it later and label it for our October theme of "FALL." Please - Help Susan Out!

And Susan- Wishes for your full recovery with FOL's help. And - I'm looking for some 90 degree pictures from you because beauty is everywhere and, after all, you just have to love the one your with!


(Fall 2012) - coming soon to a field near me....

The deadline for entering to win our FOL giveaway has been extended another week so you now have until October 4 to comment here on FOL, post a photo to the Flickr group or post about the giveaway on your own blog!  Follow this link to see the beautiful prize we have for you and to get all the details for entering.



Viv@within the Frame said...

My favourite time of year although we do get more than our fair share of wet gloomy weather, but one sunny,cold blue sky day makes up for it...

heyjudephotography said...

Carol, this is my absolute favorite time of year - the slightly cooler temps, muuuucccch lower humidity, and oh all of that color! So happy looking at your fall photos, I'm sure Susan will be too! I feel that extra energy too - although I'm not sure I'm directing mine in the same ways you are - but just the same - more energy!! Love this! Love this start to our week! (and love the fact that I had time this morning to check FOL so I could start my day with these images in my head. ) :)

Dotti said...

Yes, fall is my favorite season, too ... until spring comes around. Then spring is ... well, never mind, you get the 'picture' ... I'm fickle. Great post and photos, Carol, and I hope Susan sees this and all the photos that will be posted on Flickr over the next few weeks. I impressed that you 'heard' the leaves falling! :-D)))))


terriporter said...

I saw this FB post of Susan's and thought, "Oh, I'm right there with you, girlfriend!" Our daytime temps are still in the 90s but we are enjoying that the nights and mornings have cooled off. We really don't have Fall here the way many of you do and I'm always jealous of that fabulous color! However, I can drive only about 1-1/2 hours away and see some amazing fall color and am planning a day to do just that. It hasn't quite started, so Susan will have to wait until about the third week in October for some fall shots from me. But I know those of you who are currently getting fall weather will help her out with some wonderful shots in the Flickr gallery. Oh, and Carol, could you send some of that fall energy my way? Thanks!

CarolHart said...

Great images and wonderful post! Fall is my favorite season as well. We had a beautiful summer here in Seattle, unusually awesome in fact. We had dinner al fresco pretty much every night. Now that the temps have dropped a bit, we find ourselves reconnecting with our home inside, snuggling under blankets and listening to the wind and rain tapping on our windows. During the month of October I keep a "Fall Offering" bowl of leaves on a table in our entry way where all our family photos are displayed. Every day I find a leaf and add it to the bowl. By the end of the month it is heaping full. I shall be sure and place a few in Susan's honor!

susan said...

Oh Carol...this just made my morning! Getting all teary here reading this thoughtful of you. How I miss NY in the very much. All your pics hit home to me...the farm markets, the apples, cider...just adore living in a small northern town...and miss it so much. After living there for just about 40 years...I still can't get use to the scorching 100+ temps and humidity where I live now. I have 'seasonal depression' from the lack of seasons! :(

So...thank you immensely for this sweet post, putting up some autumn shots on Flickr, and well...thinking of me. Miss this sweet group so much!

xo's ~ susan

Kim Stevens said...

Yep, Terri and Susan, count me in as one who won't find fall. We have oak trees, but the are the Live Oaks that not only to not change color but don't lose their leaves. Eventually the Crepe Myrtle in my back yard will change, but I'm hard pressed to find Autumn living on the Gulf coast 30 minutes from the ocean.....on the other hand, I live only 30 minutes from the ocean! :)

I will just be happy to run up and down the sidelines of the varsity football games in a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt...probably won't happen until the last game.

Carol, your photos are just fabulous!!

Cathy H. said...

Love your fall photos, such variety! Our leaves are barely starting to turn and we finally had a few cool evenings.

Carol said...

Oh SUsan - I didn't want to make you cry - just the opposite!. Hpoefully they are happy memories tears, and maybe you'll be north again some day??If not, you will jest have to sign up for some New England photography workshops once a year. Start saving a little lunch money each day!

Be well!

Carol said...

(I am such a bad proof reader!!)

Deanna said...

Wow, the pressure is pretty heavy on us that do have FALL...which btw, is absolutely my favorite time of the year and it moves too swiftly. We will do out best to keep you warm weather friends with pics of Fall. I love what Carol said about re-connecting with our homes inside.

Roxi -Coppercurls Designs said...

Those first pumpkins are my favorites. They make the best pies. aaaahhhhhh I love Fall! Can't wait. Still hot here in TX.

kelly said...

oh my carol...gorgeous fall photos. love this time of year so much, so sharing my photos won't be a problem. ;)

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