Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Making time

by Kim

. . . for nothing

There is so much freedom in being no where...doing nothing at all.

Because no where is the beginning of adventure and wandering. And nothing, strangely, is where something begins deep within the heart, mind and soul.

It's not necessarily a place we go to, but rather a space we create for ourselves, and it's vital for it's where our thoughts turn into dreams, and dreams into possibilities.

Nothing is where we are gently stirred even in the midst of a restful mind. Creativity is born.

Nothing, is where peace and tranquility resides and where when we are listening, life whispers.

My favorite space to be no where doing nothing is on my front porch...and my favorite time...morning, a time of renewal and fresh perspective.

Do you have a favorite space and time for nothing? We would love for you to share your thoughts with us here, and your spaces in our flickr group.

Have a terrific Tuesday!


Carol said...

This is poetry Kim. Beautiful.

kelly said...

yes. love this kim. a beautiful way to start this week.

Sherri B. said...

What a way with words you have...and also with images! It's hard for me to sit in silence; I need work in that area. But when I try, it seems to be outside in our gazebo, staring at the trees and listening to the birds. I'm waving hello to you as you sit on your porch! :)

heyjudephotography said...

I can't stop looking at your photo. It is true magic, and you are magic with your words too!

gina said...

Beautiful image and words that are so important for us to take in...."nothing, strangely, is where something begins." Such a good reminder for me -- thank you!

CarolHart said...

Your image is absolutely stunning Kim! Yes, it has taken a number of years for me to learn the importance of planning time to do nothing. Whenever my mind feels clouded and the body heavy, doing nothing allows me to hear my inner voice and I always feel clearer, lighter, for having taken the time. Like you, mornings are the best time for me. With a brand new day ahead, it always feel like anything is possible. Cheers to you my friend.

Dotti said...

Beautiful photo ... so full of mystery. Sitting doing 'nothing' is not my strong suit ... I'll have to try harder. It's a fabulous suggestion,though!

Cathy H. said...

Exquisite image! Such a gorgeous background! I try to find time every day to take a break, sit in my swing and just be. Time to refresh by soaking in the beauty and the sounds of nature.

Roxi -Coppercurls Designs said...

Awesome bokeh. breathe taking.

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