Thursday, September 12, 2013

Who Do You Turn To?

by Judy

Who do you turn to...when doubt creeps in?  When you begin to question yourself? When you say "Am I good enough?"

More than any other time, over the course of this past year I've worked really hard at being a photographer. At growing, learning, and improving as a photographer.  At calling myself a photographer. At telling others that I'm a photographer.  I thought I had it down.  I thought that I was believing it.  I thought that I was living it.. But then doubt crept in. 

I've really put myself out there this year in many ways - ways that have frightened me, excited me, and pushed me way beyond my comfort zone.   My mantra this year has been, "I'm going to try. All they can do is say no."

So why has doubt crept in?  Recently one of my photos was chosen by a jury of photographers and gallery owners to be part of a two month long showing in a gallery near here. Some of you photographers and artists reading this have probably had the same excitement - and probably more than once. But for me, this is my first juried show.  

I made it into the show, so again, why all the doubt talk?  As I worked to have my print carefully matted and framed, I kept looking at my photo and wondering if it was going to stand up to the caliber of the other artist's work. Am I good enough? Is my work good enough?  

And then you know what? Just as my doubts were at their highest, our Focusing on Life sister, Dotti, wrote her post this week. She said so many wonderful things about all of our FOL sisters - and her comments about my photography were exactly what I needed to hear at the exact time I needed to hear them! And you know what else?  All of our FOL sisters are exactly like that.  We all try to support and encourage one another on our different paths.  

So you see, this post really isn't about the art show.  It's about finding those people in your life who pick you up. Who get you and who support you.  And no matter what you may be doubting yourself for from time to time, it's important for you to seek out those people.  

Without sounding too corny, I know I can speak for all of my FOL sisters here in saying, we get that same feeling from all of you. When we sometimes wonder if our posts are just floating out there in cyberspace....when we hope beyond hope that our words will make a difference for someone that day.... when we wonder if we're inspiring anyone as we journey through this.... that's when we receive all of your wonderful, and thoughtful, comments. Your kind words really make a difference, and give us that boost we all need to continue on with this wonderful project of ours. 

Who do you turn to?  


CarolHart said...

Such a lovely, heartfelt post Judy. I too feel blessed to be a part of this community. Your image here is truly beautiful. The strong light and shadows really draw the eye in. Feels like the beginning of Fall.

Carol said...

When I started reading your second paragraph my mind went immediately to Dotti's words on Monday, and then that's where you went too. It's so interesting when life presents messages to you. All we have to do is listen.
Congratulations on your show - you will be wonderful!
We can all relate to this post on many levels, and you said it well.

Karen Main said...

Judy today you are there for me like Dotti was for you last week. I am in doubt mode and realising I need someone anyone to turn to. Sadly the person I thought would be there for me cannot be right now. Thanks for reminding me why a tribe is important.

heyjudephotography said...

Karen, I'm so glad to hear that! Isn't it funny how someone's words can come just at the right time? I visited your blog (wonderful and now following) and I hope that you can turn to one of your many friends for that support you need right now. And you always have us here! :)

Dotti said...

Awww, so sweet, Judy! I'm glad you 'heard' me because you are a wonderful photographer. We all have periods of self-doubt. It's what makes us human and lets us reach out to one another. Isn't that beautiful?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful image!! I don't really have anyone I can "turn to", really, so I just have to keep reading inspirational blogs, follow people who inspire me... they give me hope! Good luck with your show, I'm sure your image/s will be a big hit!

Sarah Huizenga said...

That powerful reinforcement from people that aren't related to you, and many times have never met you in person is so powerful. I am sure that you are more than good enough if you got in the show in the first place. Congratulations, super proud of you for taking a chance!

terriporter said...

That your photo is beyond amazing goes without saying. The light and focus and that little wisp of spider web are just beautiful. But it's your words that are speaking to me. Oh, yes, all of us have felt that doubt creep in and I'm sure even the best photographers would say they've experienced the same thing. And you are so right, it is the support that we get from each other that helps us squelch that doubt and move forward. That's why we are here, to do that for each other and by "each other" I mean all of the FOL sisters as well as everyone who reads our posts. I know you reached a lot of people with this one!

Deanna said...

Oh yes, I think we all get those doubts in our minds on occasion and it so helps that we have each other for inspiration and encouragement. I have a good friend that is always giving me fact she carries my business cards with her to pass out when she sees an opportunity to further my little portrait business.

kelly said...

this is beautiful judy. i so totally get where you are coming from. it's so funny how we are always are own worst critics and yet our friends here see us so differently. like you i have been blessed by the wonderful community we have here. so much inspiration and support.

Katie said...

first of all: WOO HOO!!! about your showing! so, so happy for you, and it is a beautiful photo.

second of all,i am the Queen of Doubt. i second guess myself all the time about my photography, whether or not it's as good as others that i see on the internet or in magazines or at real life contests. i still have a hard time spitting out the phrase, "i am a photographer" because, you know, OTHER photographers, ones that are better than me, are photographers. but when doubt is kicking my heiny and i'm feeling down about myself, my family comes to my rescue, especially my daughter. She's almost 20, but she always knows just. the. right. words to say to comfort me and make me laugh again. family and cyberspace tribes are what get us through, right? we're all here for each other.

and again, how cool that you get to be in an exhibit! : )

Roxi -Coppercurls Designs said...

ah, that doubt always lurks around the corner waiting to pounce. Thanks for the encouragement.

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