Tuesday, October 29, 2013

So, I'm Wondering . . .

by Kim

I'm not talking about what kind of camera or lenses, but the "other" important stuff in your bag. You know, for those what if's, or just for fun, or oh shucks! 

The bag above (Kelly Moore Two Sues) is what I used when I traveled to Chicago this summer and it worked like a charm. It was the first time I flew with my camera gear, well the first time I flew in 10 years period, and it was nice to be able to have my equipment and purse all in one. 

I have another very generic, square black bag that I take with me when I go on trail walks and to the football field because it takes a little more abuse in those places. So, I was wondering, if I share what's in my bag will you share what's in yours? It seems that no matter how many things I try to think about there is someone else who has that great idea or something I didn't think about.

So let's get started. Here is the "other" important stuff I carry in my bag but in no particular order:

  1.  Lens cleaner kit
  2.  Microfiber cleaning cloth ( Now that I wear glasses, it works great for them too! )
  3.  Spare battery
  4.  Extra memory card (my camera has two slots for cards)
  5.  Remote control
  6.  Tripod mount and a quarter ( to tighten the screw )
  7.  Epi-pen and rescue inhaler ( SUPER allergic to spider venom )
  8.  Gallon size ziplock baggie ( sometimes to bring home shells, or other fun things I find )
  9.  Mini mace that my hubby likes me to carry ( fits in my pocket when I walk )
10.  Mini spray bottle ( because sometimes it's fun to five nature a little boost )
11.  Eye dropper ( " )
12.  A couple of Target plastic bags ( to use as a camera sleeve in the rain )
13.  Rubberband or small hair clip ( to keep unwanted vegetation in the right place )
14.  Lipstick or lip balm for sun and wind protection ( when I concentrate I notice I lick my lips a lot, lol )
15.  Mini tube of sunscreen ( Remember, I live on the Texas Gulf Coast )
16.  Tiny flashlight ( especially helpful for those early morning sunrises when it's still dark, or for fireworks )
17.  Large heavy duty garbage bag ( have used it for kneeling in not so great places for "that" shot, and just
       last week it came in real handy when it started pouring while shooting the football game-I put my           
       camera bag inside and used the umbrella I also brought to continue shooting )
18.  Tylenol ( for that headache, or the aches and pains from walking for hours, crawling on your knees, etc )
19.  Small notebook and pencil ( for those times I'm inspired to write-I'm faster at writing than typing on my
20.  Snickers or granola type bar ( I'm often out for hours on end and need a little snack for some energy )
21.  My Zen - music listening device ( I usually only use it if I stop somewhere and look through what I shot )
22.  This is something  that I will add to my bag soon - a very small pocket knife.
Although both bags are padded inside I would  love to get a couple of these lens wraps to help protect those lenses even more. And even though the target bags will work fine for rain, it would be nice to have this rainsleeve. I would also love to have this pod camera platform (beanbag) for those times you need a little support because I don't normally tote my tripod except to the sunrise.

Please share with us and all the other readers the things that you have in your bag as I'm sure there is some good stuff in there. Any tips, or things you don't have but would like to add to it? Can't wait to hear from you!

Have a fabulous day! xo


Dotti said...

Well, I'm a light traveler. I never carry my camera bag on a shoot, I only use it to transport my gear from point A to point B, as in when I'm traveling. When we were in Chicago, I used an ordinary backpack to keep my hands free and it worked pretty well. As best I can recall it had: a lens pen, sunglasses/glasses, chapstick, iPhone, microfiber rag, kleenex, wallet, hearing aid batteries, spare camera battery. And I think that's the lot except for a second lens but that doesn't count in this survey, does it?

Fun post, Kim!

AFishGirl said...

I have very little in my bag because I'd never remember what's in there. Spare battery, remote control shutter release, tripod in it's own bag...
Yeah. Not much. Two lenses at a time usually, the one on the camera and one if I want a change. Good post!

Linda said...

OMG! You're a Boy Scout! lol! Well I get an "F" in preparedness. I hang my camera over my shoulder and I'm off. I could use some of your gear sometimes! Thanks for sharing what's in your bag! I'll take your advice and add to my arsenal!

Nicki said...

You are definitely the pal to be with in times of need - I'd say you got it pretty well covered. I have multiple camera bags. A sling bag that holds multiple lenses, camera, remotes, cleaning cloths, flash, batteries, lip balm, plastic bag, extra memory cards, camera cables, band-aids, mini wallet for id and quarters for parking. It is good for travel as it is well padded and has a built-in rain sleeve. But when I'm out actually snapping pictures, I will often use either my fanny-pack camera bag or my ShootBag - both containing a lot less extras.

Deanna said...

I don't think I could lift a bag that was that loaded. I have a shoot sac that fits over my shoulder and the other shoulder is my camera strap...I carry along maybe one other lens along with a small wallet, business cards in case I want to take someone's picture it helps to identify me, a lens cleaner and that's about it. My camera has 2 slots so I have 2 16 GB cards, would be an awful lot of pics if I filled up both of those babies. I tend to travel as light as possible. My back can't take a big load. But I am taking you along with me for all that other stuff.

terriporter said...

Yes, I think we all need to shoot with Kim! She's definitely prepared. I'm with Deanna, I couldn't possibly carry all that. When I go out on a daily shoot, I carry my Lowepro shoot sack which will hold my camera with a lens attached and one other lens as well as the usual stuff, i.e. wallet, keys, cell phone, an extra memory card (which I've never needed but you can't be too careful), a lens cloth and an extra battery. When I travel, I can carry all my lenses as well as my camera in my Lowepro backpack style camera bag. I have been trying to cut back and go out with just my camera and one lens slung over my shoulder for shorter excursions. Yes, there are times I wish I had "this" or "that" but I'm happier when I travel light.

Kim Stevens said...

So I wanted to pop back in and say that a lot of the times I do just sling my camera over my shoulder and go, leaving my bag with the "other" stuff behind. When I'm at the beach I can back my car right up on the beach and my "stuff" is at the ready when I need it...on the trail I will usually take my bag with me. But, I am able to get everything on that list minus my epi-pen and inhaler which go back and forth between my purse, and my zen (because I only occasionally take that), and the granola bar in a sandwich size baggie!! (the target bag sits at the bottom of the bag) I also weighed it and it was only 12 oz. Since I have pretty inexpensive lenses my bet is that my bag is still lighter than most, since that fast glass is heavy. I'll post a photo on instagram of that "other stuff" in the baggie. :)

kybarb said...

Great post and comments--so helpful! I am definitely adding to my bag from all the ideas posted! Thanks!

kelly said...

i'm such a slacker...lol. most of the time i throw my camera in my purse and go. occasionally if it's a 'photography' outing my might bring an extra lens, but most of the time it's just me and my camera.

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