Friday, December 27, 2013

God Got A Dog

by Deanna

I recently purchased a little book entitled "God Got a Dog" by Cynthia Rylant illustrated by Marla Frazee.  It is filled with sweet stories of God in the everyday guise as us is a delightful book and today I want to share one of the stories...entitled "God Got a Dog"....

She never meant to.
She liked dogs, She'd
liked them ever since She was a kid,
but She didn't think
She had time for a dog now.
She was always working
and dogs needed so 
much attention.
God didn't know if She
could take being needed
by one more thing.
But She saw this dog
out by the tracks 
and it was hungry
and cold
and lonely
and God realized
She'd made that dog
somehow She was responsible
though She knew logically
that She had only set the 
world on it's course.
She couldn't be blamed
for everything.
But She saw this dog
and She felt bad
so She took it on home
and named it Ernie
      and now God....
        has somebody 
           keeping Her feet warm at night.

Now believe me, I am definitely NOT comparing myself to God, but I do know that I am now the center of my little, adopted dog, Cinder's life....just like God is the center of mine.

I hope your Christmas was filled with all good things, joy & laughter all around.


terriporter said...

I haven't heard of this book but I love the excerpt! So perfect for you and your little adoptee! And what I love most? Seeing those sparkling blue eyes of yours and seeing you and Cinder in your matching Christmas sweaters! So looking forward to your being here and getting the chance to catch up. Hope your Christmas was all you hoped it would be and my best wishes for a wonderful New Year!

Dotti said...

This is such a sweet story! The book must be fantastic. But, as I told you on Snippets ... this is my favorite picture of you ... EVER! Happy Holiday Week to you and your sweetie and Cinder and Toby.

Kim Stevens said...

Cute story, but even cuter picture of you and Cinder, adorable really! Happy Friday to you Deanna! xo

Barb said...

What a great portrait of you and Cinder! What beautiful eyes you both have. Stay warm - Happy New Year (soon).

CarolHart said...

Ah, your uplifting post and great photo of you and Cinder are just what the doctor ordered as I have been feeling a bit meloncholy today. You are truly a gift my friend. Happy Nee Yesr!

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet story, that little dog is so lucky to have someone to love and to be loved back!

Claudia said...

Not only did I love the story...but really loved seeing your beautiful smile! I miss our visits gf! Hoping next yr is lovely for you!


cheryl Crotty said...

I got that book for Christmas from my son and I just love it, especially that little essay. Lovely photo of you and your Cinder.

Ida said...

What a wonderful little story and even better because it's so true for you and little Cinder. That is an awesome photo of you both.

susan said...

oh my how sweet! got down to the last line and completely teared up! so happy for you…and Cinder! xoxo

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