Thursday, February 6, 2014

Color All Around You

by Linda
It's funny how color trends in and out of style. Not too long ago, pinks and blues were all the rage in home décor. Pastelly pinks and blues which are fine and I may have been among those that had this color scheme in my home but I wanted more. That color palette was a little soft. it was shy and quiet and fell away and said "shh, don't look at me".
I have always liked bright colors. Colors that knew what they wanted to be. Crisp and clear colors that left no doubt what color they were. No hint of another color, just pure strong color. I wanted something stronger more dramatic in my home. I wanted red. I always liked red. It was always the crayon that got used up first and fastest. Having red in your home was not acceptable with all the Martha Stewart types. Too bold, it will clash with everything, red? you must be crazy.

why not? there's red everywhere.

red rocks

red food

red cars -
when I was a teenager, one of my friends said that red cars were more expensive to insure. haha!
but I digress-

got red shoes? you know you want some!

And of course, one of mother natures greatest contributions to color. If mother nature can add this pop of color to her palette, why can't I?!

Look around and enjoy the beauty and the colors that are around us!

Red can be a difficult color to photograph. Deanna shared tips here that will help you capture this beautiful color! She certainly does!

Share a little red in the gallery this month!



Jeanne said...

Nothing shy about the beautiful reds you have captured here. Gorgeous!

kelly said...

"Colors that knew what they wanted to be"....i love this! :) here's to being bold and showing our true colors! :)

Cathy H. said...

I'm reading this as i sit in my RED robe and smile! Yes, red is a wonderful color and you've shown it in all it's glory!

Dotti said...

Red is my favorite color, followed closely by yellow. My iPhone cover is red; my iPad cover is red; there is lots of red in my home and in my wardrobe. One of my favorite photography quotes {sorry I don't know who to attribute it to} says, 'If it's red, shoot it!' That's a good motto for all of us this month and seems to serve me well all the time. Go RED! {Linda, I love that self-portrait of you and your rose. Lovely!}

terriporter said...

I LOVE RED! And I love all bright color! My eyes seem to be trained to seek it out. When driving down the street, any bright color will jump out at me. I do have to admit to going through the phase of "southwest" colors like peach and teal and quickly tired of them. Now I want color and lots of it. Your photos are the perfect accompaniment to your words. Love each and every one! Wish you'd been with us yesterday at the Barrio in Tucson. Now there's a LOT of color! Will be sharing some of my pics from my day there on Flickr. Hope to see lots and lots of red in the FOL gallery!

heyjudephotography said...

I love bright, saturated colors and red is certainly a color that I'm drawn too. Your photos of "red" are lovely - especially the peppers! Sigh... The only color I will see outside for quite some time is white, but will be searching for red everywhere else!

Deanna said...

Well, you know how I feel about red....!!! Love your bright bright colors and I do want those shoes. What a sweet rose photo, so simple, but what a statement!!

susan said...

What beautiful photos with all that 'red' color just popping off the page! Love!

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