Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Ten Dollar Cure for the Winter Blahs

by Kelly

The following is a list of the items I actually needed from the grocery store last Thursday:

  • ibuprofen
  • salad greens
  • powdered sugar
A totally random list of things I know.  But the important thing you need to know here is that these tulips were not on the list.  


As I was walking toward the checkout lane, I spied these beauties {the last bunch} sitting among the eucalyptus branches and the potted plants.  And without even giving it a second thought, I picked them up and put them in my basket.  

Best. Decision. Ever.

So here we are four days later and since bringing them home, I have taken approximately 14,127 {give or take} pictures of these lovely flowers.  

I keep them right on my kitchen table where I have the best light in my house right now.  Which isn't saying all that much....we haven't had any decent sunshine in almost two weeks.  

This is pretty much where I live lately though.  I do just about everything here ~ work on my laptop, practice my calligraphy, read my magazines.  Soaking up every bit of their happy color.

I know it sounds silly, but these tulips have brought me so much happiness.  And it's not just the vibrant happy color either.  One of the things I love about tulips is watching their progression from a tight bud to wide open.  How they stretch and reach for the light.  They are so, so delightful.

I'll admit it...I've been pretty cranky about the weather...this winter has been dreadfully gray and cold in my neck of the woods.  But sometimes, something as simple as a cheery bunch of tulips can just turn things around.  They have been a total mood lifter for me.

If you happen to be in that same boat, I would encourage you to spend a few dollars and buy yourself some flowers.  While it's true that we can't do anything about the weather on the outside, we can do something about our environment on the inside.  

And so I'd love to know, what are you doing to chase away the winter blahs?  Share with us in the comments below or post a photo in our Flickr pool!  We could all use a little happiness this time of year.

Sending you all warm, happy, and colorful thoughts.  Love, Kelly


Dotti said...

So many beautiful photos and, well, you already know where I stand on tulips. Or any other cut flowers. All winter long, my kitchen table sees a steady procession of cut flowers from the grocery stores. Tulips are my first choice but if I can't find tulips, I'll have another kind, please. Soon ... maybe not soon enough to please us ... but soon, Kelly, spring is going to be here and we'll be out in our gardens chasing the 'real' tulips with our cameras.

Katie said...

and the brighter the colored flower, the better, i say. lovely photos, kelly!

terriporter said...

What is it about flowers that make us so happy? Their wonderful colors, their fleeting beauty? I don't know but I love them and try to have some in the house at all times. Like you said, Kelly, they just make me happy and the few dollars they cost is so well worth it. Right now I have a bouquet of gerbera daisies on my kitchen table and some tulips on the kitchen counter -- both pink because pink makes me happy! I have no excuse to have the winter doldrums -- we have had one of the mildest winters ever and we're going up into the 80s later this week. Wish I could send a little bit of our sunshine and warmth to everyone! Your photos are beautiful that no one really needs to buy any flowers. They can just open up one of your photos on their computer monitor and enjoy!

Deborah Weber said...

Gorgeous photos! Tulips delight my heart as well - and they're the perfect antidote to winter weariness.

Olivia Fulmer said...

Beautiful. "Moth" orchids are my thing--always on the look out for new ones (I'm up to six now--the window sill is full, and three are in bloom.)

Linda/patchwork said...

Tulips are amazing...how they keep growing and reaching for the sun, even after they're cut.
Your tulips are beautiful...as are the photos.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic way to wash away those winter blues! Its amazing how something so simple can change your whole outlook on things. I just wonder how many people walked past that only bunch of tulips never thinking twice about the beauty and energy they evoke! I just may have to go get me some flowers! Oh, and your calligraphy is beautiful, as are the photos! Thanks for sharing!

Deanna said...

Yes, there is something about a bouquet of flowers that brings a little happiness into our lives as we trudge thru these winter blues. And I am in love with your caligraphy!!

susan said...

Adore the lighting on your tulips! Pretty sure they helped you feel better quicker…than the ibuprofen. {{{hugs}}}

Cathy H. said...

Beautiful, Kelly! Flowers do brighten up these less than sunny days and you're so talented at capturing their beauty!

Robyn Goddard said...

Yeah for you, Kelly! Thank You for sharing your beautiful tulips with us. It is very important to find those little things in everyday life that make a big difference.

Barb Brookbank said...

Oh, Kelly! Your space is so beautiful, it must be inspiring just to sit there. And of course your tulips are stunning. Since I becam more serious about photography, I usually buy a small bouquet a week - and I think the small ones are the most inspirational.

Kim Stevens said...

I have resisted the urge to buy (my favorite) tulips, since I basically have no good light in my house and it's been too cold and grey for the front porch sessions. But I have seen the light today, and I may just go buy myself some now. I love your calligraphy! I used to have some calligraphy markers, not the same as your awesome pen, but I loved addressing my envelopes with them. Of course it didn't look nearly as cool as yours, but I just may have to go buy some more for fun! xo

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