Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thinking of Spring

by Leigh

As I sit here all cozy in my home….wrapped up in a blanket…cup of hot coffee next to me….slippers on my feet….snow outside….ANOTHER snow day for the kids….all I can do is dream of Spring.  So I started to think what is it about Spring that rejuvenates us so?  And I realized that Spring for me is a fresh start.  It's a fresh start for my landscape business.  It's a fresh start for my photography as color begins to reappear in nature.  It's a fresh start for new endeavors of all kinds. 

Instead of sitting here down in the dumps that Old Man Winter won't leave us alone, I decided to compile a list of what Spring is to me.  
  • the birds singing outside my window that wake me up on a lazy weekend day
  • the feel of the soil in my hands as I turn over the old and till in the new
  • color! bright! vibrant! mood lifting color!
  • spotting Ladybugs as they protect my flowers by feasting on Aphids
  • being outside and breathing in the fresh air
  • playing outside later thanks to longer days and daylight savings time (This weekend!)
  • feeling renewed and excited about each new day
  • walking into the greenhouse and being introduced to new varieties of plants & flowers
  • the look on my client's face as the design on paper comes to life in their backyard
  • time with family around the fire pit enjoying a glass of wine
  • walks on the golf course and hunting for golf balls in the creek with the kids
  • the feeling of renewal as I begin a lifestyle transformation with clean eating & exercise (more about this later)
  • blowing bubbles 
  • sidewalk chalk
  • swinging
  • park play dates
  • cookouts with friends
I could keep going!  I'm already in a better mood then when I started this post.  Maybe that is all we need sometimes to perk us up…a little positive thinking.  Transforming our thinking brings more joy (thanks Oprah and Eckhart Tolle for that little tidbit)

I want to know….what is Spring to you?  Even if you are buried underneath a pile of snow take some time to think about how you feel in Springtime.  I bet you will be feeling a bit happier afterwards!

*a note of thanks to everyone for your support of my post last week.  I felt the love and I'm sure the family did too. I am truly grateful.


AFishGirl said...

Spring. Marbles. Skipping rope. Worms that come out in the rain. The smell of newness. The different quality of light. FISHING. Opening day of trout season. Chilly fingers. (remember, I'm in the frozen north, our spring is, well, different). The time change (this weekend). Knee socks. New shoes. Robins. Mud. The e e cummings poem, "in just spring..."

Cathy H. said...

jonquils, green, open windows, fresh air, longer days, less layers of clothes, flip flops, mowing grass (I do enjoy that!), ease in traveling (to my daughters), more birds visiting. I'm looking forward to Spring, but not summer!!

terriporter said...

Oh, Leigh, I love your list! I can imagine that it would definitely perk you up and help you get through the long winter you've all been having. Since we don't really ever have actual winter, Spring here is much more subtle. But I love when I can open the windows again and hear the birds in the morning and really enjoy the longer days. Even though we don't do daylight savings here, our days are gradually lengthening. I know in only about a month the cactus will be blooming again and while they are blooming I'm off capturing them almost every day, which really makes me happy. I know so many people have had a miserable winter but for all of you, spring is going to be so welcome! Here, it's all about subtlety, but I'm okay with that!

Kim Stevens said...

Oh yes, and I think really that Spring is my all time favorite for the new green growth after a winter, the anticipation of the return of the Monarchs, seeing the lizards and toads and hearing the green tree frogs calling to each other. The laughter of kids playing outside, tulips, longer days and coffee on the front porch. Just this past weekend we got a taste of Spring, it was almost 80 and we started the garden clean up and it felt soooo good. And then we dropped into the twenties on Sunday night? What? It's been the strangest winter even for us and I'm ready to get my beach on.... :)

Anonymous said...

Aaah, just reading your post warmed me up!
Sunshine on my face, the smell of fresh cut grass and the feel of dirt in my hands! I really don't think there is enough room on this blog to post everything I love about the Spring lol! Thanks for sharing and I love your flowers…and the ladybug :)

Dotti said...

This was a wonderful post to read first thing this morning as I was on the treadmill. And thanks for the reminder about Daylight Savings. Yes, this is a wonderful list. I look forward to warmer temperatures, longer daylight hours, the garden growing again ... and so much more. We're ready, Spring! Where are you?

Barb said...

Spring for me at high altitude is late and always over in a flash. We often have snow on the ground through spring, but there are subtle changes - longer days, warmer temperatures, budding aspens. Thanks for your vivid flowers - they perk up a snowy day.

Anonymous said...

These are absolutely glorious images, Leigh. Lilacs, spring for me is lilacs...

Sarah Huizenga said...

Oh Yes! Bring on Spring. Unfortunately 4 feet of snow have to melt first.

Silvina Soave said...

Me impactó la primer fotografía, MARAVILLOSA!!!!!! Realmente oda la serie es muy buena, tus fotos son excelentes!! Y la primavera me encanta!!!!!!!

susan said...

wow! stunning shots leigh! and as far as what spring means…yes, yes, yes to all of it! :) so looking forward to finally meeting you next october at our little retreat. xo!

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