Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wide Awake

by Kelly

“To be awake is to be alive.”  ~Henry David Thoreau

It actually happens more often than you might imagine.

One of us will write a blog post, and often the same week (or even the very next day) another one of us will write a blog post (or have an idea for a blog post) along the same lines.  Which is the case today my post and Terri’s post from yesterday.

Now in case you were curious, as a group we have a blogging schedule – who posts on what day – but aside from that, there are no rules.  We are encouraged to write from the heart about whatever might be on our minds at any given time.  {Reason #348 why I love being a part of this group}.  And so therefore, instead of me having to go back to the drawing board today, I have the freedom to share my unique perspective on how photography has changed my life.

As it turns out, my journey in what I like to call capital “P” Photography started out similarly to Terri’s with a Tracey Clark class at Big Picture Classes.  Although I will add here that mine was preceded by an altogether unglamorous and melodramatic empty-nest induced, mid-life crisis.  But it was there in that first class that I started to discover what it meant to see life differently. 

I was thinking about this Sunday afternoon as I went about my day.  As I watched the light move through my house and around my backyard.  How I pay closer attention.  How see things I never used to see.

And all I could think about was how much beauty was all around me.  How photography taught me to see the beauty that was all around me. 

It's hard for me say exactly what changed. Part of it, I think, is a heightened awareness now that allows me to see things...an intentional way of being. And part of it is also, I believe, redefining what beautiful looks like to me. But then there is also the inspiration that comes from being part of group such as this.  Learning to see what others see. Regardless of how it happened though, the wonderful thing is that my eyes have been opened so to speak.  I am wide awake. 

My eyes are open to the beauty and wonder in my life.  And truth be told, this is what I live for now…these little moments of magic in the course of my ordinary life.  Like the miniature world that lives inside a rain drop.

Like the morning light as it spills across my kitchen table. 

Like the magic reflected on my kitchen counter as I unload the dishwasher.

This is what makes me come alive....What makes you come alive?

Until next time,  Kelly


Dotti said...

Nodding my head, up, down, up, down. Yes! Right down to the fact that it was Tracey Clark who helped me tune into the beauty in the ordinary everyday things in my life, my story echoes yours, and Terri's, and Linda's, and Deanna's, and Judy's, and Susan's, and Leigh's, and Carol's ... you see we all met in Tracey's classes. And so now my eyes are wide open, too. Just ten minutes ago, I opened the shade on my bedroom window and just stood, soaking in the pink sky of the morning. Five years ago, I would have paid no attention. I think we're all little human cameras now, walking around seeing pictures most everywhere. Isn't it grand?

terriporter said...

Yes, of course, to all you said. And what Dotti said about all of us being little human cameras now. I sometimes wish I had a camera lens embedded in my eye so all I would have to do was blink when I wanted to capture something! It is such a gift to have learned to see the beauty around us and I never want to take that gift for granted. Beautiful photos and words, Kelly!

Deanna said...

Oh yes, we are little human cameras now, catching glimpses of the simple beauty that surrounds us....who but us sees that pink in the early mornings, or that lavender tinge in the clouds...mine eyes have seen the glory....!!!!

Barb Brookbank said...

Beautiful post and beautiful images to demonstrate your thoughts. You really know how to capture light.

simply bev said...

Yes! I love all the light angles in your photos and really love the water droplets. Pretty!

gina said...

I love your post, and your title says it all. Beautiful images to go with your narrative.

susan said...

love how you see all the light around you…and appreciate it so! we are pretty much the chasers of light…yes? :) xoxo

Cathy H. said...

This makes me teary-eyed! I'm so grateful for the years we've all spent together, with so many of us beginning our journey in Tracey's classes! What keeps me come alive...beauty...beauty that my eyes now see!

Kim Stevens said...

love the title of the post....yes my eyes are wide open! As one so driven by nature, something that started as a very young child, just about everything makes me feel alive really, And on the rare occasion I don't have my camera, my family just ignores me now when they hear me say, "click, click, click!"

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