Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Be Our Guest ... Claudia Wrightson

Today it is with great pleasure that I announce our guest poster today, Claudia Wrightson. I couldn’t say ‘introduce’ to you because many of you already know Claudia. She, along with Terri and me, was one of the founders here at Focusing on Life. As with so many of you, I first met Claudia in Tracey Clark’s ‘Picture’ classes, following which she and I, then ultimately, Terri, collaborated in a Flickr prompt group. From that collaboration came FOL. Sadly, Claudia had to leave the team late in 2012. But we’re delighted to have her back on our pages today. I know you’ll love her post and give her a warm FOL ‘welcome home’.
~ Dotti


Have you ever had a moment in your life that seemed to be showing up over and over?

Some call it Déjà vu...

Long before I was diagnosed with dyslexia, I was in 3rd grade with Mrs. Gold; I knew I was one of the worst readers in my class. Even though I was in the blue group, I knew red and yellow were much smarter than the blue. (Isn't it amazing how smart kids are early on?) I hated "reading circle!" Each one of us took our turn reading a page. I tried sitting in what I thought was the middle of the circle so that when the first reader began, I could quickly count ahead to determine which was my page. I would frantically practice it enough to hopefully not embarrass myself; to no avail.

Too soon it was my turn. Slowly I began to read. The word nowhere showed up on the page numerous times. The first time I came upon it I read, "The boy was NOW here to be found." There were a few giggles, but no correction from my teacher. Then the second time I read NOW HERE more began to giggle. I quickly looked at the sentence and was certain I was reading it correctly... I continued on. By the time the word showed up a third time, even my teacher began to laugh. I looked to her as tears began to well up in my eyes and she said, "Claudia the word is noWHERE... not Now HERE."

To this very day... every single time I see that word, it stops me in my tracks and reminds me of the embarrassment. I am no longer embarrassed and actually can smile when this special word pops up for me. 

It's funny how the Universe tries to help us along the way. Like many, my life was full of family and work and other things keeping me completely busy. Yet it wasn't until I realized that my word, NOW here, though spelled "special" for me, was my reminder to stop ... pay attention and see and look and live in the moment. NOW.

Focusing on my photography has helped me to start that process deliberately. Intentionally living has helped me to realize that I was missing the details that I so love. I had a necklace made with the words NOW Here engraved as a reminder.

I have enjoyed my relationship with "my friends on FOL" and I'm grateful for this opportunity to visit you with a guest post. This community has helped me to be present and appreciate detailed moments and remember to be NOW HERE.


Carol said...

Claudia! Welcome home! I love this story, my friend! I love the way you turned a negative right around into a positive. I can't believe that you are dyslexic - it was your writing on your blog that drew me into blogworld in the first place. And I see that your photography is still gorgeous too.
This story reminds me of my sister Cindie - she always thought that forsythia was "for Cynthia" - and I think of her every year when it first blooms! (she is not gone - only living in Chicago ;) - but I do think of her!)
Great post - and visit again soon!

Dotti said...

Such a perfect story to illustrate how to take one of life's big hurdles and turn it around to become a lifelong, life-enriching mantra. So glad you stopped by to see us today, Claudia! It's good to have you here.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Claudia! Isn't it amazing how people, unknowingly can change our lives forever! Its such a sad story to know that a teacher would make a student feel ridiculed, and laugh along with the students. I have a similar story, but I could not comprehend anything I read…just focused so hard on the words that I couldn't recall what I had just read. The teacher knew this, and in front of the class would ask me to stand and tell what the short story was about…I didn't have a clue! Great post and beautiful photos, Claudia! Have a wonderful day!

terriporter said...

So wonderful to have you back for a visit, Claudia! Such a beautifully told story and there's a lesson there for all of us -- to be here NOW, in the present, and paying attention and I think photography really teaches us that. Your photos, as always, are beautiful! Hope you will visit again soon!

Kim Stevens said...

Oh Claudia, it is so wonderful to have you back if only as a guest...you have been missed! This is such a wonderful post of, like Carol said, turning a negative into a positive and as much as we don't like the negatives they do when we allow them help us to grow leaps and bounds. What a gorgeous collage!

kelly said...

welcome back claudie. as a current FOL i am so proud to be part of this amazing group that you had a hand in bringing together. and i totally agree that being now, here is the key to intentional living. so wonderful to have you sharing this beautiful story with us!

Cathy said...

I love this story and I can relate some to this; always having been a horrible speller with many embarrassing moments in both my childhood and in my teaching career. I too have gentle reminders. I loved how you use yours. So nice to see you here.

Deanna said...

Well, I am certainly glad you are now here....it has been too long my friend. Four months ago...Christmas, I sent you a Christmas card, and believe it or not it was "returned to sender" just yesterday. So you, my dear have been on my mind and it was such a pleasure to see your words today!!

Dotti said...

The same thing happened to me! A Christmas card I sent to Claudia was returned to me yesterday! Took them long enough.

claudia said...

Aaahhhhh don't you love the mail system? Lol wonder what else was returned. Well I am sorry to have missed your thoughts. Thank you all for the warm thoughts ...this bog is always one that brightens my heart! Hugs to you all.

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