Saturday, April 12, 2014

Focus on You

"Buffalo on Antelope Island"

This weeks Focus on You was taken by Kaya Anderson on Antelope Island which is located within the Great Salt Lake of Utah. The way she shot this image, her perspective, and juxtaposition between the Bison and the mountains really spoke to me. 

This incredible animal once roamed the the earth in the tens of millions, until we humans put them into near extinction in the 1800's hunting them for their pelts and completely disrupting the cultural relationship between the Native American tribes and the buffalo. So the fact that this image also includes a man made road that he is walking on tells even more of a story to me. No matter what there always seems to be restriction to freedom.

So thank you Kaya for sharing this beautiful and moving image with the Focusing on Life community. You can find more of her beautiful images in her Flickr photo stream here

Please continue to share your beautiful photos with us in our Flickr group,  and don't forget we all love a little story to go with them.



Dotti said...

Wow! What an amazing photo! Thanks, Kaya, for playing along.

Anonymous said...

This is an outstanding photo, Kaya! To be so close to this incredible animal must have been exhilarating! Thanks for sharing!

Carol said...

I agree - this is a fantastic photo of a majestic animal! Congratulations Kaya!

terriporter said...

Wow, spectacular shot! Thanks so much for sharing it with us here at FOL, Kaya!

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