Monday, May 12, 2014

All Aboard!

by Carol

 Solarize Filter

Here's a fun exercise: Pick out a subject on a Saturday afternoon..... and shoot it. I was toying with the idea of entering a few pictures in an exhibition with the subject of trains. A local art group was sponsoring it to celebrate the reopening of their local station after renovations. I never entered the competition, but I had a great afternoon trying to be creative with the subject. It reminded me that there are lots of ways to stretch your brain, and to get to know your camera as well as your Photoshop options.  So come along with me to the Peapack-Gladstone Amtrack station.

 Whoo-whooo - all aboard!


Flashing By


Oil Paint Filter

Emboss and Solarize Filters


Try it , you'll like it!


AFishGirl said...

I think it's a great idea to focus on one subject and go, go, go. Especially if it's something out of your normal range of subjects. Welcome to the week, toot toot! And off we go. Down at the station, early in the morning...

Dotti said...

This is a grand idea, Carol! I'm sure if we just think about it for a moment, each of us can find a subject or place not far from home where we can take a mini-photo walk. And the fun thing would be that each of us would have such diverse things to study. Wouldn't that be fun to share all in one place? Hmmm ... we're going to have to give this one some thought ...

Cathy H. said...

Love your choice of subjects and love how creative you were! Great idea to spend a few hours being creative with one subject!

terriporter said...

Oh, how fun! Just LOVE this idea! I've just been thinking that, now that the cactus flowering season is coming to a close, I need to find something else to focus on. Love your choice of subjects and your creative processing! That oil painting filter took a simple photo and made it into art!

kelly said...

i think it's such an awesome exercise to shoot like this. beautiful shots carol! i love the story you've told here!

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