Friday, May 2, 2014

Hands - A State of Mind

by Deanna

Our hands always seem to be busy.  If not cooking, cleaning, writing, holding, driving, they seem to always be at work and usually tense.  When looking at our hands they can reveal our state of ease or discomfort.  Many of us have unconscious nervous habits using our hands….wringing or rubbing them, touching our face, tapping a finger, cracking our knuckles, twiddling our thumbs.  I pick at my cuticles.  When my sweetie’s disease began getting worse he would rub his hands on his pant legs with agitation.  Our state of mind both relaxed or in a state of anxiousness can be revealed through our hands. 

Several times a day try to relax your hands, when we do that our body seems to relax as well as our minds.  If we keep our hands quiet we also listen better.  How many times do you see people in conversation when one is looking at their phone, or worse texting.  How can you possibly be mindful of a conversation when your hands are busy doing something else? 

I notice when I drive my hands become very tense and my grip on the steering wheel tightens, when that happens that tightness extends into my neck.  I am consciously trying to loosen that grip, still driving safely but making driving more of a pleasure.

As gardening season approaches, my hands will begin digging in the earth, pulling weeds, planting flowers and by the end of the day my hands are tired and sometimes painful.  It’s at these moments that I stop and let my hands relax which in turn relaxes my soul.  Your hands are gifts to be cared for, stop and relax them, sit with still hands, not only will it be beneficial to your hands but will aid in bringing peace to your mind.   


Carol said...

I'm so glad you reminded me of this. It is always so clear in a yoga class or while exercising , that you realize how much tension is held there, but I forget to think about it in life. I was racing through a ton of work yesterday, and when I finally stood up and put my pen down, my hands were actually sore from gripping it. I am going to consciously remember thus today - thank you. (and BTW I love pictures of hands and this is a good one!)

Dotti said...

We do take our hands for granted. Mine get achy if I'm on the computer too much, especially photo processing, when I use the mouse a lot. I've learned to stop and wiggle, stretch and rest my fingers when this happens. I'm teaching this to my granddaughter, too, as she learns to play the piano. Sometimes she'll get tense and frustrated learning a new song and we have to stop and wiggle the hands and indeed the whole body to get her focus back where it should be. Good reminder, Deanna!

kelly said...

beautiful post deanna...our hands tell so much about us. today i'm going to take extra care of them. xo

terriporter said...

Beautiful photo and great reminder! We do take our hands for granted but what would we do without them? Many years ago I was told I had carpal tunnel and it was too advanced for laproscopic surgery but would require cutting my hands open. The surgery would be so debilitating that they would only do one hand at a time because otherwise I would be completely helpless. I opted to do nothing and do you know what? It went away! My hands are perfectly fine and, in fact, I am the one around here who opens the jars because my hands are stronger than my husbands! His are getting arthritis from all the golf and rowing and so he brings things to me to open. And having gone through wondering if I would lose the use of my hands during recovery from surgery, I am all the more thankful that I never had to have it and that they are still healthy and strong and will never take them for granted. Thanks for this great reminder, Deanna!

Kim Stevens said...

So right Deanna, our hands can show so much emotion too. Like Terri I was told I have carpal tunnel, but mine has only gotten worse. I have nerve damage and some days my right hand goes numb. I have to be especially careful not to pull too many weeds or anything that may make it worse. I've been dropping things alot more lately too. My poor son at age 17 is experiencing pain and stiffness in his hands that most people who are older don't even have. It breaks my heart to see his hands like this. I haven't had a paraffin wax treatment on my hands in nearly 7 years, I may just have to find a place and treat myself...xo (one of my favorite photos I've taken is the hands of a guitar player)

CarolHart said...

Such a great post and reminder. I am in the midst of garden season and my hands are getting a serious workout. I think tonite I will give them a soak and then lather them with a nice moisturizer! PS - great photo.

susan said...

Thank you for this sweet reminder to be kind to our hands. Beautiful photo…love your gentle hands. :)

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