Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Little Things...

by Susan

How many photos do we all have of faces, group shots, from the waist up...posing, smiling...and saying those infamous words...'say cheeeeeese!'  Thousands...right?  If you are anything like me, it always seems the last little words leaving my lips are the two dreaded ones above, telling everyone to say cheese.  Oh Susan...snap out of it...think outside the box.

So here's the scenario.  It's graduation day and I'm ready to take pics of my daughter, the PhD, in her commencement cap and gown, holding that diploma which took her 11 years (yes...e-l-e-v-e-n years) to acquire.  I was so excited, kept taking pics of her...her and her husband...her, her husband and their adorable daughter (my granddaughter)...and felt good about the shots. When I told her that I was pretty happy with what I had captured... and began wrapping it up...she said...'Wait! Mom! The shoes...the shoes!!! You've got to photograph the shoes...our converse chucks...Cory, Callie and I wore matching shoes!'

Sure enough...I looked down...and there they were.  Adorable and sweet... a beautiful way for her to be connected to her husband and daughter during this memorable day.  I loved it!  And at the same time...couldn't believe that I overlooked it...the little things...the little things that make moments like this a memory. 

So my friends...the picture at the top of this page became my absolute most favorite picture from Holly's graduation.  Holly wanted to include her husband and daughter in this special day of some magical way...and this was their connection to each other.  You see, as Holly made her commencement walk that day, she knew she was not alone.  All she had to do was take a little peak at her feet...see her shoes...and smile. 

That was the photograph.

Here's to opening our eyes...our minds...our the little things.  ~ xo's  


Anonymous said...

Great post Susan! Its amazing how easy it is to overlook the little stuff... which end up being our greatest treasures!
Love the trio of shoes :)

Deanna said...

Oh what a sweet story, I remember a thoughtful little pic of feet announcing the soon to be arrival of your sweet granddaughter. And congrats to your daughter on her great accomplishment!!

Dotti said...

Oh, how I love this story and this photo! Yes ... the little things are usually what really make the memories. And you can tell Holly is your daughter! :-D Congrats to her. And this would be a fabulous canvas to hang in their home {and one in yours, too!}.

terriporter said...

How sweet is this! It's not only an adorable picture but such a perfect reminder of this special day. I agree with Deanna -- one of my favorite images from blog posts here is the one you posted to announce that your daughter was expecting. The little things can be such big things! Huge congrats to Holly and to the rest of the family. Children don't succeed in thin air -- they have to have that support and love from their family. Great job everyone!

kelly said...

i love this shot so much! congrats to your daughter on her accomplishment!!

Carol said...

I too remember that birth announcement - I have shown it to many people. Love the cropped in details that I have always thought to be your style.

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