Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Finding My Rhythm This Summer

by Kelly

“In summer, the song sings itself.”  ~ William Carlos Williams

Before you say it, I know that technically speaking it’s not officially summer yet.  But here in my neck of the woods, I can tell that we’ve turned the corner so to speak.  The spring winds have died down and in their place the thick, humid summer haze has taken up residence.  I can see it my garden too… we’ve gone from daffodils to daylilies.

Summer is here.   And I absolutely love it.

Except for maybe the holidays, summer is probably the most nostalgic time of year for me.  Memories of camping and going to the lake with my family as a little girl.  Then spending time at the lake when my own daughter was little.  Long summer days that stretched well into dark.  Popsicles dripping down tanned arms.  Mason jars and fireflies.  Watermelon.  Homemade ice cream.  Sun-kissed cheeks and the smell of sunscreen. 

Oh yes how I do so love summer.

These past few summers though… I don’t know.  It seems like that no matter how much wistful optimism I start out with, I wind up at the end of summer feeling exhausted, strung out, and ready for life to get back to ‘normal’….whatever that means.

How does this happen?  How I do change this?  How do I get my rhythm back?  These are the questions I’ve been pondering for the past week. 

I think the key to summer is establishing beforehand what you would like your summer to look like.  Setting an intention if you will.  I’ve seen several things on Pinterest and blogs – summer checklists or manifestos.  Which is great (I would say especially so if you have little ones to keep entertained and/or engaged for summer).  But rather than make yet another to-do list, something that for me somehow always seems to morph into an utterly impossible and in-achievable agenda, I decided instead to take a breath.  A pause.  

Then I asked myself, “Kelly, what do you really want from summer?”

Turns out…it’s quite simple actually. 

I want a summer that is grace-filled.  Joy-full.  I want connection and laughter.  Freedom and adventure.  Whimsy and light.  And while I am so looking forward to some of the fun things my family has planned, I would also like to take a cue from my word for the year – pare – and create some margin and space for the unexpected.  For the impromptu.  For the spontaneous.

Funny thing is, my intention for the summer is really just the same as for the rest of the year.  Which is to be fully present in my own life.  To not be thinking two hours ahead or three tasks ahead.  To see with new eyes and an open heart.  To just be present in each moment whatever that may be...because regardless of the season, that's where the magic lies.

What are you hoping for this summer?


Dotti said...

Your summer pictures are beautifully summery! What do I want this summer? Time for me. Time to pursue my photography and blogging. I'll have my granddaughter full-time, though the summer will be sprinkled with day camps and vacations. But, oh, it is so difficult to slice out that space of quiet {does 'be still' sound familiar} that I require for me. Here's wishing us both the space we need to 'be present' and to nurture our needs and goals. Lovely post!

Unknown said...

So many wonderful summer shots.. I enjoyed reading your thoughts about summer. and the madness of it all.


terriporter said...

I'm always nostalgic for the days when my boys were young in the summer. I always loved those lazy unscheduled days and was a bit sad when school would start up again. I always looked forward to our summer beach vacations. Two whole weeks together with nothing to do but enjoy each other's company. Now to get everyone together for a vacation requires an act of Congress! Everyone has jobs and their own schedules. I miss the days when I was the one in charge of their schedules!

Like Dotti, I will have my grandson most days this summer but he's turning 13 this month and doesn't really need a lot of "babysitting" which leaves me time to pursue my own activities. I have a couple of short trips planned and a couple of classes to keep me and my camera busy and although the calendar may say that summer is technically not here yet, I beg to differ -- it was 110 here yesterday so it is definitely summer!

Deanna said...

Summertime means porch time for me. Band concerts, outdoors, gardening, my favorite time of the year. My rhythm begins with coffee on the porch and then the day flows from there. Happy almost summer!!

Silvina Soave said...

Me encanta el verano!!!! Para mí significa más entusiasmo, más tiempo al aire libre,vacaciones, tiempo en el jardín...
Tu serie de fotos es espectacular!!!!!! Y son muy inspiradoras.
Un fuerte abrazo.

susan said...

Love when you write... "To see with new eyes and an open heart." Beautiful post Kelly.
xo's ~ susan

Kim Stevens said...

Summertime means the same to me, like you said, as the rest of the year, just more flowers, beach time, and hopefully a few more sunrises. I'm a pretty spontaneous, fly by the seat kind of person and a little like the dog in the movie "Up" haha. Having a child with a chronic illness I've learned even more how important it is to enjoy now and not spend more time on planning because something will always interrupt it anyway.

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