Saturday, June 28, 2014

Focus On You

Today's photo is from Pam, aka AFishGirl, and the moment I saw it in our flickr pool I fell in love. Can you find all the patterns going on here? There are so many things to love about this photo; the black and white, the swing of the little girl's hair, and the bubbles, oh the bubbles. All of it is so good. Pam has an amazing ability to catch childhood in its sweetest moments. You can see more of her work right here, be sure to visit. Thank you Pam for playing with us this week!

There are still a few days left for this months theme, so keep your images coming. Tell me where does the time go? We are looking July right in the face! Thanks to all of you who play along and fill our flickr pool with beauty.

Have a glorious weekend. . .


terriporter said...

Loved this when I first saw it in the gallery! The swinging hair and all the bubbles really stole my heart. Thanks for sharing this, Pam! Sorry to see this month of "patterns" end. It has been amazing!

AFishGirl said...

Thanks so much for putting this shot here. I'm very grateful. This one means a lot to me, this shot, this moment in time. Thank you.

Dotti said...

This is such a magnificent shot, so many good things going on! Thanks, Pam, for sharing it and good job, Cathy, for spotting and selecting it. I know the choice was hard, such good stuff in our gallery.

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