Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Simple End

by Judy

Simplicity.  Focusing on what is important and releasing the rest.  Like a deep breath - inhaling 'simple' and exhaling 'stress', 'chaos', 'clutter', the 'unnecessary.'

I hope you've enjoyed our theme this month.  We've found that it's not always easy to achieve simplicity, but I truly believe that even in the trying, we gain clarity of mind and purpose. 

As we move into August we continue our intention of simplicity, but in a slightly different way.  We will be joining many in the blogging world for an "August Break." 

We will still be here daily to share a photo, a favorite poem, a moving quote, or a story from our lives.
We're just taking it slower, easier, simpler.  

We do hope you visit us as you enjoy the waning days of the season, and please share photos of your 'August' with us in our flickr group, and on Instagram! 


Dotti said...

July has been a good month. I have thoroughly enjoyed this month's theme of 'simplicity'. You're right: just striving for simplicity can ease our burden. Whatever measure of simplicity we achieve is a good thing. And to let everybody know ... we'll be doing colors in August! Watch for Deanna's post tomorrow with information about the first week.

Dotti said...

Actually, Cathy will be posting tomorrow. My mistake.

terriporter said...

I have really loved this month of simplicity and the amazing images everyone has shared in the Flickr group! The color challenge for August will be fun and I can't wait to see the gallery explode in a riot of color! Thank you to everyone who shares their art with us.

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