Sunday, July 27, 2014

Focus on Phoneography

we are wrapping our month of simplicity and, as usual, our photo stream was filled with beautiful images.

this week's collection celebrates simplicity in b&w. it's really a perfect way to simplify, don't you think? stripping the color from a photo puts the focus on the little details that often get overlooked. b&w photography puts the emphasis on shape, form, and line. b&w is elegant and timeless. 

above is just a small sample of this week's beauty. 
@prairiegirlstudio @javavenus @brmarincel 
@coppercurls55 @littlestorystudio @mhplinda 
@lynnejay @gabrielabout @anniestril 

thank you all for continuing to share your beautiful art with us!


Jeanne said...

Love all of these and Black and White is such a wonderful tool to express simplicity!

terriporter said...

Love each and every one! Beautiful and simple. Thanks to everyone for sharing your beautiful images with us.

Unknown said...

These are striking and gorgeous and meaningful. So much emotion in black and white!

Dotti said...

I so enjoyed seeing the B&W selections. Thanks to all who have submitted your beautiful photos!

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