Friday, July 25, 2014

Telling a Simple Story

by Deanna

On Monday evening, with photo gear in tow, I headed for the Riverwalk for a family shoot scheduled for 5:30 PM.  I wanted to get there a little early and test the light and look for spots that had a good amount of shade. 

While waiting I spotted this young lady sitting on one of the many benches that surround the fountain.  She is a beautiful girl, peaches and cream complexion, red curly hair (which probably drives her crazy but I love it), and those long legs. It was a warm peaceful early evening with a slight breeze blowing and she had become totally engrossed in her book.  We have talked about how a picture can display a story without words….I thought this image characterized that very thought. 

Unlike Kim who posted earlier in the week how she purposefully approached a stranger which led to a delightful encounter, I did not approach this lovely young lady.  I decided that the image could express its own simple story. 

I imagine that she left her residence (I suspect that she may be a college student since North Central College campus bounds the Riverwalk on the east side) earlier in the day or is planning on staying out later in the evening, thus the jacket on the bench.  She has been walking for a while, which prompts her to remove the boots but notice how neatly she places them under the bench which makes me think that she is tidy, much to her Mother’s delight.  She has brought something to eat and drink and now that she has consumed her small meal, probably very healthy, she has opened the book.  When I zoomed in really close on the image I could make out the word LOVE in the title.  Hmm, obviously a book for pleasure.  She appears to be immediately submerged in it, her toes even begin to wiggle (which you can’t see, but trust me she was wiggling). 

I love capturing people in their element.   Sometimes it is tricky because I don’t want to be obvious, and believe me, it can be difficult becoming unobvious when you are walking around with a big lens.  Give it a try sometime and then write their story. 


Dotti said...

Oh, what a fun idea, Deanna! Yes, it is hard to be invisible with a honkin' big lens on your camera but you're great at it ... I've seen your candid photos. This is a lovely photo and I love your story!

Focusing on Life said...

i love everything about this deanna. such a sweet little moment captures. love her shoes off and that she was wiggling her toes. :)

terriporter said...

Love this shot and I love the story that it tells and how you have interpreted it. And I can't help but notice those lovely benches at Riverwalk Park and the beautiful hydrangeas growing there. I don't remember seeing those when I was there and it's been almost exactly a year. You are a master at capturing people, whether your shots are posed or candid.

Sarah Huizenga said...

Lovely Deanna - I love the details that you noticed, the neatly placed shoes, the jacket, her book. A great observational story here.

Patti G said...

It is a beautiful shot & I love your story. Thank YOU & Sarah for opening my eyes yesterday to your vision of "story telling". I was truly inspired by you both!
Oh - & I zoomed in and I'm thinking the "healthy" drink is actually a soda from Arby's. Just saying…….. :) LOL!

Barb said...

Photos that tell a story are definitely my favorite. However, I rarely take candids of people I don't know, worried that I'll trespass on their privacy.

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