Thursday, September 18, 2014

Falling for Apples

by Linda

Summer is waning and fall is moving in. The signs are everywhere. Have you noticed the light changing? The sun is rising and setting in a different place on the horizon than in summertime. The birds and squirrels are making preparations. The trees are starting to show their beautiful colors. The pumpkins are showing up at the grocery store and so are the apples.

I don't know about you but seeing some of the varieties in the store makes me a little giddy. I mean there's something about it being the "forbidden fruit" and all. But the spectrum of color and flavor of each variety not to mention the apple that eats like a meal-honeycrisp. Have you tried one yet? You really should, but beware-at the size of a softball, 1 honeycrisp apple could feed your whole family. But sharing is a good thing, right?

Then there's all the things you can make with apples. Salads, pies, tarts, butter, cider, crisp, muffins, sauce. My FIL used to peel and chop about a dozen apples, toss them in a pot with a bag of red hots and cook it down till the candy was melted. yum-O! That is some good applesauce! When I was in high school, (ahem, pipe down in the back!) I discovered a recipe for tuna salad (with canned tuna) peel and chop an apple, add some chopped celery and a little mayo, the apple will take away that fishy taste canned tuna can have and add a nice sweetness to your tuna salad.

I found the recipe for these muffins on Pinterest and decided to make some for the girls to have for an afternoon snack. Riley asked if they were "healthy". A couple of hours later, my daughter had one and asked me if they were "diet".  Well, they do have apples, and oatmeal, you decide. It's pinned on our Focusing on Life Pinterest board-food and drink, here's a link to the recipe.

Are you tempted?



terriporter said...

Oh, that muffin looks delicious, as do all of your apple shots. I love honey crisp apples and can't wait for them to be in season every year. And apples are so photogenic as well as being delicious. Thanks for linking to the recipe -- I just might have to make some of these!

Judy Salcedo said...

Ohhh so tempted, but I will check back in on that recipe at another time! I'm one of the "strange" people who don't like apples - well - I don't like to eat an apple raw. I do love all the good stuff that is made with apples - including, I'm sure, that muffin recipe! :)

Deanna said...

Yumm....have you ever tried Honey Crisp with peanut butter...mighty tasty. Great images of those delicious apples and thanks for the link to the recipe.

Cathy said...

Yes, apples. I love them all.

Kim Stevens said...

My favorite is granny smith with either peanut butter or sharp cheddar cheese! You definitely captured the juiciness of that apple. :)

kelly said...

oh i am so tempted! and because of this post i bought a few apples at the store today. :)

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