Tuesday, September 2, 2014

From a Place of Love

by Kim

Do you see it, the love...the word "l.o.v.e." spelled out with the photos.

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do." Powerful words really. Simple words. But how many times have we done what we think others want rather than what we love, and our work suffers for it.

Without hesitation and, because how something makes us feel is sometimes more important than what someone else thinks.

What I mean is, photographing something because it moves us without first considering if it's something that others will like.

I've been soaking in, slowly, a book about photography as a healing art. I know for me my subject matter has often been just as healing as the act of photographing itself. But our photography also has the power to heal others. To reflect and honor life. Our cultures, our similarities and the opportunity to learn from our differences. To connect us even through language barriers in a world that continually wants to separate.

At the end of each chapter there are some reflections in the form of questions or suggestions. Do my photographs say anything about what's going on in me? Could a stranger look at my work and discover something about who I am and what I care about? What things do I focus on when I photograph? All great questions, and never asking what is your "style", something for which I once thought would make me a great photographer if I were to have one.

But what I've come to realize is that if I'm continually growing as a person and photographer, that so called style will always be evolving. So, I'm asking myself some different questions that I hope will eventually give more meaning to what it is I see and receive through my lens, and in return how others respond.

Each of us will tell a different truth about our subject from a place of emotion and vulnerability, a place of love. And the power of that truth will be determined by our focus and attention to the details. Same subject, similar story, just a different path.

That "style" I thought I once wanted has been replaced by asking myself if a photograph was powerful enough to move someone with emotion rather than someone knowing who took it.

So I'm going to default to letting the beauty of what I love drive what I do . . . without hesitation. . .because my hope if that if it comes from a place a love, others will see and feel it to.


Dotti said...

Wow, this is powerful stuff to think about! I'm dying to know what book you're reading, Kim. And your photo ... it. blew. me. away. Yes, truly. I hope you plan to print it and frame it, make a canvas set ... something! It needs to come off your hard drive and into the world where others can see it. Great post, so inspirational. And ... great 'word art' ... with a twist. Love!

Deanna said...

These were such beautiful words to contemplate, you do have such a gift for inspirational messages. And I love the collage. As Dotti says, you must do something with this lovely collage. It has deep meaning and a lovely message!!

Linda/patchwork said...

I agree with Dotti and Deanna.....this is real ART.

Cathy said...

Yes, this is so beautiful. I loved everything about this post. And do tell, what book are you reading.

terriporter said...

Wow! Talk about starting off the month with a bang! I have always loved those letter photos and have one that I ordered with the letters of my last name but have never actually done one of my own, which would be so much more meaningful. I agree with Dotti and Deanna . . . I can see these photos as separate canvases hung together or four photos matted together, but definitely hung for others to see. And this is so perfect for our theme this month of "word art". But once I moved on from your photo to your words, I was nodding my head and agreeing with everything you said. I've spent years trying to determine what my style is, only to have it change. The underlying motivation has to be doing what you love and creating things with love. You definitely do that in spades, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. Well put Kim! Wonderful word art too.

leigh said...

"Photography as a healing art". YES YES YES! This post totally resonates with me today Kim. Beautiful!

Linda said...

Lovely picture, so creative! I too want to know what book you are reading! Photography is powerful in so many ways. When I am away from it, I really miss it. It grounds me, centers me and yes, heals me! Thanks for a great post today!

Barb Brookbank said...

Oh, I couldn't agree more ... I've been stressing that I don't have a particular style - thank you for setting me free!!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful inspirational post…and the word art speaks for itself! Thanks for sharing!

kelly said...

beautiful, beautiful kim. yes, i have so often in the past struggled with wanting to know style. or my thing. but it's really always about true to myself. that's what i want to focus on. thank you for the reminder.

p.s....just echoing everyone else...yes - please find a way to frame this and put it in your home.

Roxi -Coppercurls Designs said...

Bravo! Well said, Lately I keep reminding myself to do what "I" want and feel, and let the creativity flow out of that. Not what I think someone else is expecting. Most times the results are very good and I'm not disappointed if I didn't meet someone else's standards or expectations.

janice said...

I have a purchased word art piece that I love, you have inspired me to do one on my own.... this is a lovely piece Kim, thanks for the inspiration!

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