Friday, September 12, 2014

Messages from the Universe

By Cathy

I like to call them messages from the universe. And if I am honest with myself they are everywhere, I just have to be observant enough to take note.

Often I discover them when I least expect to, but need them the most. Maybe I am having one of those days where I am super busy or down in the dumps or maybe I just don’t feel well and suddenly there it is; some kind message working its magic on me. Offering me a moment to ponder life and grasp just how beautiful it really is.

Hearts are especially fun for me to find and find them I do in everything from cut watermelon to tree bark. For me they don’t count if someone has placed them there. But if you take time to look you will discover them in leaves overhead and rocks underfoot. 

But words and art they always count. And if you keep watch you will find them in the best places. Of course there is graffiti, which is a very under appreciated art form in my opinion. 

And then there are love notes tucked in places and hidden from view, meant only to be seen by lovers. 

And there are signs; crazy, awesome, amazing signs, which can lead you from here to there and let you know when you have arrived. Just in case you failed to notice. 

Then there are words people put on themselves; words they want to carry with them forever. Words that are relevant and often validate something meaningful for them. Everlasting, beautiful words. 

One of my favorite things to do is to put myself in the message from the universe somehow, just for proof. 

“A picture can tell a thousand words,

but a few words can change it’s story.” 
~ Sebastyne Young

What has the Universe been telling you lately? 


AFishGirl said...

Wonderful post, Cathy, and such a thrill to see these shots. Hmmmmm, what is the universe telling me? That fear is not useful. That pretty much everything is not within my control. That love is the greatest power. To go slow and to savour the beauty. To take many photographs of people I love. The Universe has been quite chatty with me lately. I'm doing my best to listen and attend to what it tells me.

kelly said...

oh cathy...this is so good. and i so agree that the universe is speaking to us all the time. lately the universe is telling me to trust the tiny voice inside. my heart. let go of fear. be bold. it doesn't come easy. but it is so nice when when we get these little signs that we are on the right track. xo

Dotti said...

Yes! I do love this post! Since I'm currently traveling, I'm going to make it a point to watch and listen for messages from the universe. {hope you're mending well, Cathy!}

Carol said...

Your attitude is always so wonderful! This is a happy post! I loved it - and I am listening!

terriporter said...

It's amazing the things we see as photographers that so many other people miss and I will think of them as "messages from the universe" from here on! Right now the universe is telling me to slow down, to take care of myself and that everyone's problems don't necessarily have to be my problems to solve. It's telling me that I need to find a way to get out and see nature even though it's over 100 degrees outside! I miss exploring with my camera but the months where I can do that are fast approaching and I will once again be able to listen to what the universe is saying. Hope you're on the mend.

heyjudephotography said...

I too feel like the universe places these little messages for us to see - and it's amazing just how much they are usually needed, right? I love all of your photos, and the positive message that goes along with them. (Glad everything went well - keep on getting better!)

Kim Stevens said...

What a great post Cathy! And yes, it is so amazing at the message the universe sends out to us. For some reason I always find hearts eaten in my milkweed, such irony! I love all these photos, but that last one, is cool beans!

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