Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Written Word

by Kelly

We all know that words have power.

The words that we read.  The words that we speak...both to others and ourselves.  

But there is special power in the written word.   

I have long been a proponent of writing things down.  For me, when I write things down, it tends to stick better...like appointments on my calendar and my to-do list.  And it's been proven that students who hand-write their lecture notes retain a significantly higher percentage of the information that is given in class.  

Researchers who have studied this phenomenon discovered that the physical act of writing stimulates the visual, motor, and cognitive parts of the brain.  To put pen to paper requires that these three parts of the brain work together, and it is in this process that a unique neural circuit is created.

I find it fascinating that writing and reasoning are so profoundly connected.  But I would like to think that it is not just so that we can keep better track of our grocery lists.  I also believe that writing things down has the power to heal.  To edify.  To encourage.

Words have power...yes....but there is magic in the written word.

Try it and see for yourself.

Until next time.


p.s. A special thanks to Karen Walrond for sharing this great NYTimes.com article.


Dotti said...

Love this post! I have become so proficient at the keyboard {as Karen said} that I seldom write and when I do try to do a handwritten note ... OMG ... the penmanship is terrible! I must change that. Your calligraphy is so lovely, you've really taken to it. Good for you! But to the point, words are important. You might say they make the world go 'round.

Carol said...

All words have power - but the written ones last forever. Beautiful calligraphy! I love how your posts always tell a story.

Unknown said...

Great post and I need to start writing!! hahaha

kybarb said...

Lovely photos of writing instruments and your calligraphy! Who knew! Every time I see someone's calligraphy I want to learn. Did you take classes somewhere? Online? Thank you!

Kim Stevens said...

Yes, words are so powerful the spoken, the written and even the ones we don't say. On Sunday I was recruited by my son and his friend to write messages on a poster board that was going to aid them in asking a girl to Homecoming...all I could think was, I wish Kelly lived next door - they would have been the best signs ever! :) I'm still a spiral notebook junky...love the beginning of the school year so I can stock up on more. I don't write many lists, but just about everything else goes into my spirals. They are messy, and a lot of times I can't remember which one I wrote which in, but I usually find it. I usually enjoy writing my posts by hand first, then typing them in. LOVE your images! :)

terriporter said...

Not too long ago, I realized about the only thing that I was still writing out by hand were my grocery lists! Even my scrapbooks were filled with journaling that was done on the computer. But when I started doing Project Life, it was just too tedious to feed those little cards into the printer, so I decided to do them all by hand. I know how much I treasure notes and letters that my mom has sent me and I'm hoping having my handwriting in these scrapbooks will be treasures to my children someday. I did a little calligraphy many years ago but didn't keep up with it. Yours is always so beautiful and makes me wish I had!

Deanna said...

I am absolutely in love with your calligraphy talent....it beautifies your words to a new height. Unfortunately I don't hand write too much anymore, arthritis has set in and it pains me to write even the shortest of note, not to mention the awful handwriting. And you are so right, the written word is powerful as well as those spoken. Beautiful images!!

Cathy said...

Beautiful reminder Kelly and your calligraphy is so wonderful. I do write things down and have little notebooks full of random thoughts, notes and lists, but they look nothing like this. Lovely tones in these photos too. So perfect! xox

AFishGirl said...

What a beautiful capture of "writing." Yes to all you say.

Unknown said...

Beautiful post Kelly. Besides writing grocery lists-that's about all I write. BUT-I do get to help 3rd graders learn to love writing!! That gives me great satisfaction. Xo

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