Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The art of getting lost . . .

by Kim

"There is an art to wandering. If I have a destination, a plan-an objective-I've
lost the ability to find serendipity. I've become too focused, too single-minded.
I am on a quest, not a ramble. I search for the Holy Grail of particularity, and
miss the chalice freely offered, filled full to overflowing."

- Cathy Johnson

For me, there is nothing more satisfying than to stumble across or into something enchanting, that was unplanned. With . . . or without my camera.

No expectations, no disappointments.

To be in the right place at just the right time, via the universe.

Sometimes it's being lost in a place, sometimes it's being lost in a moment.

Instead of searching, receiving.

And sometimes, it's just allowing myself to be in the stillness of a space with out a plan, and that absolute feeling of delight when something or someone unexpectedly crosses it.

Because it seems Murphy's law says, the more we chase things, the less likely we are to find them.
Because in the chase, often times the very things we are looking for, cross the very path where we were too impatient to wait. (Even if we were unsure of what it was we were waiting for)

( Our own Kelly, lost in a moment at sunset in Galveston before she thought she was in my way - are you kidding - for me it was total serendipity!)


AFishGirl said...

There's nothing like "good lost." Beautiful shots.

Dotti said...

True words, Kim! Getting lost can be the adventure, the inspiration and the fun {as long as you're not TOO lost!} Such a lovely serenity about your photos ... and such lovely memories as well.

Carol said...

I couldnt agree more

terriporter said...

Oh, I so agree! Giving yourself the freedom to just wander (and possibly become lost) and just take in whatever presents itself. I love the balance in this last photo between Kelly and the fencepost and the beautiful sky between. Brings back the memories of that moment.

kelly said...

kim you are so right on. thank you for capturing this beautiful moment. xo

Nancy said...

I love being lost in the moment as that is usually when I am most creative and the neatest things happen. Your photo is such a good representation of your post. Thank you.

heyjudephotography said...

Yes, here's to getting lost in the moment. Creativity flows at those times.

Barb said...

The barbed wire and the softness of the light - fabulous. I like the silhouette - you weren't lost, you were found!

gina said...

Yes, getting caught up in the moment is just the best! Your fence image is beautiful!

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